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Member Spotlight: Doug Setter, 2nd Wind Body Science
2nd Wind Body Science

June 22 , 2008 Social Butterfly Club Member Interview: Doug Setter, 2nd Wind Body Science
Reporter: Alice Zhou


























About Doug Setter:

Hi, I’m Doug Setter.  I am here to pass on what I have learned about physical conditioning, health and martial arts.

I was born with a club foot, but was lucky enough to get it straightened with corrective shoes. Later, I managed to survive pneumonia three times by the time I was 6 years old. As an underweight kid, I was constantly studying health, fitness and self-defense. Most of the popular advice, did not work for me. At the age of 18, I was considered too skinny to join the army. A recruiting clerk waved me in anyway, believing that I could gain the four extra pounds during basic training. (Yes, in the 70’s, you could be hired based on your bodyweight.). Fortunately, he was right. Through hit-and-miss trying, research and proper coaching, I gained 30 pounds of muscle and went on to do the things that I only dreamed about: becoming a paratrooper, running marathons, competing in full-contact martial arts, (won a championship title at age 40) writing books, serving as a Sergeant for the U.N. in Croatia (former Yugoslavia), climbing Mount Rainier, starting my own business and getting a Bachelor’s Degree.

In Health,

Doug Setter

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MEMBER SPOTLIGHT: Cress Spicer, Infinite Wellness
Infinite Wellness, Bodytalk practictioner, and Reiki Master

June 12, 2008 Social Butterfly Club Member Interview: Cress Spicer,
Reporter: Alice Zhou

Infinite Wellness Services offers a range of services ranging from Bodytalk and Reiki to meditation and stress reduction techniques. They are used to assist clients who are experiencing states of tension, anxiety, stress, to well-being, health and balance.

We offer our services to both Corporate, business clients and to individuals, whereby we create unique, personalized programmes, according to your wellness needs.

 Healing and stress have been two of my passions for a long time. Having memories of growing up in England with stressed out parents from working long hours, I decided I wanted to live my life differently.

I began studying Reiki in 1991 and really enjoyed studying it. I became a Reiki Master/Teacher in 1999. I found Reiki to have a profound effect on myself and others, allowing me to slow down the pace of my life.

I started studying Bodytalk in 2003 and found vast changes in my life.My allergies disappeared and I had a lot more energy and vitality. In 2004 I became a Certified Bodytalk Practitioner.

I opened a private practice, teaching stress management techniques and seminars using Reiki and incorporating Bodytalk Sessions.

Infinite Wellness Services was then formed in 2007.

I studied Nursery Nursing in England and then went on to work with children for over 16 years in various establishments from the schoolboard, special needs schools to daycares and nannying.

I continued my studies in Canada, specializing in Autism, A.D.D and Learning delays both emotional, behavioural and intellectual.

Professional Associations:

I.B.A.-International Bodytalk Association
A.M.T.W.P.- Association Massage Therapist Wholistic Practitioners
Contact Infinite Wellness Services:

Call us for a complementary phone consultation:
We can discuss your concerns and determine how best we can meet your needs.

We can be reached by phone at 604-908-3743.
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Member Spotlight: Hector D. Bremner, Touch Marketing
Touch Marketing

May 28, 2008 Social Butterfly Club Member Interview: Hector D. Bremner
Reporter: Alice Zhou

Hector D. Bremner, President & CEO of Touch Marketing
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Member Spotlight: Michael O'Shea, Photographer
Michael O'Shea Photography

April 14, 2007 Social Butterfly Club Member Interview: Michael O'Shea, Michael O'Shea Photography
Reporter: Alice Zhou

Michael O'Shea Headshot

About Michael O'Shea

Michael was born and raised in "Hogtown" aka Toronto. In 1981 he ventured west to seek his fame and fortune here in the "promised land".
After a career in finance Michael returned to his first passion photography. Since 1989 he has built a successful photo studio where he specializes in various types of portrait and commercial photography. His clients have included names such as Concert Properties, Rolling Stone Magazine, Penguin Publishing, The Liberal Party of Canada, Cruiseship Centres and many familiar faces in the film and television industry. He and his wife Margaret have travelled extensively in China, India and Tibet and have presented a number of slide and print shows of his travel photography.
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MEMBER SPOTLIGHT: Teresa Smed, Dotted Loop Jewelry
               MEMBER SPOTLIGHT: Teresa Smed
Dotted Loop Jewelry

April 1, 2007 Social Butterfly Club Member Interview: Teresa Smed, Dooted Loop Jewelry
Reporter: Alice Zhou

About Teresa Smed

All dotted loop jewelry designs are created by Teresa Smed.  She has worked in different mediums for the past ten years including fashion, accessories, painting, and now jewelry. Her designs mingle past with present in a thought-provoking way using local, reclaimed vintage and antique materials.

“I started dotted loop committed to the principle that people can buy jewelry without damaging the environment.  Buying eco-friendly is like voting for a change.”

With this as the foundation, dotted loop has played a leading role as a fashion-forward and forward-thinking design house.

For more information about dotted loop please contact by email This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it .

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