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Member Spotlight: Dylan Couper - Gearhouse Camera Rentals

Dylan Couper 

Dylan Couper, an independent video producer, director and cinematographer in Vancouver with a 16 year career that has crossed both corporate video and independent film.  Dealing often with the challenges of budget crunches, he’s used to clients demanding Fast, Cheap AND Good… and delivering it.  Having recently retired from production, he now runs Gearhouse Camera Rentals where he works on a daily basis with other producers trying to bring in projects under budget.

Member Spotlight: George Verdolaga

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About The Speaker: 
George Verdolage is a serial entrepreneur, relationship marketing expert, speaker and author of THE JOB FARMER and THE CONTRACTOR LIFESTYLE, which are the essential guides to networking and navigating one's career in the 21st century. He helps people find their inner entrepreneur and also assists existing business owners create the critical habits that will help them succeed. George’s website is

Member Spotlight: Monique MacDonald-Sacred Gifts

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Monique MacDonald
Discover Your Sacred Gifts

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Member Spotlight: Ariane Weathers-April Dew Publishing

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Ariane Weathers
april dew publishing
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Member Spotlight: Bhavna Solecki at Inner Evolution Healing Center

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Bhavna Solecki(B.A.RST)
President Shiatsu Therapy Association B.C
Founder/Director @
Holistic Life Style Consultant.
Ph no: 778 389-5086


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