Secret in investing in ART
Secrets in Investing in Art

As the rain pours, a group of eclectic people gathered at the stunning Chali Rosso Art Gallery on Howe Street downtown, among them, BMO executives, Chinese business tycoons, interior designer and architects, among artists and collectors.


The first speaker Peter Szeto who is a very accomplished financial wizard warmly welcomed the 83 guests packing Chali Rosso Art Gallery for coming and showing their interest in this talk.  He proclaims that he is not an art expert, but shared with everyone the top investor in the world clearly states that the two best things to invest in is real estate in New York, L.A. and Vancouver and Art!  He displayed graphs showing that investment in art is comparable to other types of investment such as real estate and stocks.  This sentiment was shared with the second speaker Andrew Fisher, who enlightened us that not all artist dies poor.  Salvadore Dali's family due to taxes donated $550 million dollar US worth of art to the government of France after his passing, which would be past $2.31 billion dollars in today's worth.  Andrew was saying that new artist's work is like start ups while the famous artist like Rembrandt and Dali, etc are like blue chips.  Once these artwork is for sale, it gets snatched up and rarely ever come up for sale and their values only go up.  People enjoyed the art, and learned about the different types of art.  The atmosphere was one of curiousity as the crowd asked many questions including the demand for folk art, etc.  The networking portion was very lively as people mingled while drinking delicious wine generously sponsored by Winestains, and taking photos in front of these master pieces from well known artists of Europe.  The Art Talk was a hit so keep your eye out for future ones.  You may also visit this gorgeous art gallery in your free time at 549 Howe Street, downtown Vancouver.  More info at 


C H A L I - R O S S O
A R T   G A L L E R Y
549 Howe Street
Vancouver, BC  V6C 2C2

Last Updated ( Friday, 26 February 2016 )
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