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Mare Cromwell, Award winning author, nature mystic, speaker

Mare Cromwell
Award Winning and Amazon bestselling Author

- If I gave you God's phone number.... Searching for Spirituality in America

- Messages from Mother.... Earth Mother.

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"Be a child again. Flirt. Giggle.

Dip your cookies in your milk. Take a nap. Say I'm sorry

if you've hurt someone. Chase a butterfly ... "     :~)

        - Max Lucado


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There are ways to live on this glorious planet that support healing, joy and community based on inner balance, gratitude, and honoring the Earth’s innate wisdom and Quantum Divine Love. Come learn about Earth Mother’s 13 Love Directives that teach us how to join in the dance to co-create the New World being awakened now. This workshop is based on the spiritual messages that Mare Cromwell received and then published in the book, Messages from Mother…. Earth Mother Please bring a drum or rattle if you have one.. 

Mare Cromwell is the award winning author of If I gave you God’s phone number... Searching for Spirituality in America and Messages from Mother…. Earth Mother. (Winner of the 2013 Indie Excellence Award in Green Living, along with other awards). She has studied for more than eighteen years with Native American medicine people and sits on the World Council for Wisdom Gatherings. 

Date: Wednesday, Aug 20
Time: 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Venue: #2301-1188 Quebec St.
Suggested donation: $15
Only 15 spots 
You will able to purchase books from Mare Cromwell
RSVP: Alice Zhou Tel 604 773-5231, This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

Testimonials from Mare’s Writing and Workshops
The “Messages from Mother…. Earth Mother” are such medicine to our soul … Your writings help me feel part of a wider community that honors, respects & venerates [Earth] Mother.  - SL, Mexico
I’ve been reading your messages this morning, and you are just so special...I’ve never read anything like this, and I’ve read a LOT of spiritual writing over the years! Thanks again for sharing your beautiful wisdom with our readers, Mare...  - Julia Melges-Brenner, editor of
It was a delightful time and I love your simplicity in your connection with the Mother. I am working with the Mother’s Love connection and it feels so good to connect more and more to our Earth Mother. I am very grateful and feel such grace after this experience with you. - MS, Holland
A month later I still have Mare's message (actually Mother's message) coming to mind when I quiet my mind and really listen. In these moments, I KNOW that I am loved and that I am already doing exactly what I should be doing at the moment. Thanks again for your love and inspiration. -  F.O. Pennsylvania

Thank you for such a gorgeous day yesterday. It provided nurture, nourishment & renewal. Yum!  Xx    - CW

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Advance reviews - The Great Mother Bible:

This book will inspire some readers but will infuriate others. Mare Cromwell has paid her dues to Mother Earth as a gardener, an environmentalist, and as a student of Native American traditions. So when called to write this book, she immediately complied and the result is a dialogue that is both profound and comical, both witty and wise. Mare writes about "unseen forces" but her lucid accounts bring a lucidity and reality to their insights that are uplifting, intriguing, and wondrous.

- Stanley Krippner, Ph.D., co-author Personal Mytholog

The Great Mother Bible embraces the divine feminine in a way that educates, enriches and enlightens. Mare Cromwell has created a transcendent tome that blesses the reader with sacred insight and divine wisdom. To immerse yourself in this book is to give your life a greater purpose. To read it is to experience the divine for its very essence creates positive awareness and brings miracles into your life. Mare Cromwell’s beautiful book The Great Mother Bible connects with your heart and bathes your soul with pearls of wisdom which inspire ideas that will change your life forever. This book is not only a must read, it’s a must live and a must love.


- Micheal Teal, The Ancient One


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