Member Spotlight: Half Moon Haven Beachfront Retreat & Spa

Chris & Jenn Fletcher 


Chris & Jenn Fletcher
Halfmoon Haven
Beachfront Retreat and Spa
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The daily stress of every pressuring deadline and endless ping from text and email was getting a bit much, resulting in the decision to jet off to the quite and tranquil Sunshine Coast for a short weekend getaway.  

Half Moon Haven is nestled in a private beach in Half Moon Bay, surrounded by a natural waterfall and a forest nearby. It's idyllic for a resort.  Its owners Jenn and Chris Fletcher are very sweet people who are holistic healers as well as ceremony and ritual leaders. 

We arrived on a Friday afternoon, just as a group of twelve people were coming from an Ayahuasca ceremony, and full of bliss.  We found Chris, with a cast on one leg, full of smiles and love, welcoming us to our beach house below and giving us a grand tour of the facilities.  

After we got settled in, we went for a hot sauna, and then cooled off on the deck while listening to a musician playing guitar and singing.  As it turns out, he lives on the property in the summer to help run things and help with the various building projects. 

Main House with the yurt to the left

It was a quiet weekend in April. We were blessed with continuous sunshine, and we definitely put it to good news on Saturday – after sleeping in – starting with a fresh organic vegetarian breakfast.  We played badminton on the sandy courts, went for a walk along the beach for a half hour, returned to the beach house, jumped on the trampoline for awhile, then settled for a few games of chess and relaxed with some reading.  

We jumped in the hot tub just as the sun was setting and made a few new friends, then we had a delicious vegetarian dinner by candle light. We ended the evening with an old comedic movie that was a part of the resort DVD collection while wrapped in a fleece blanket on the couch.    

Beach Cottage

Half Moon Haven runs on its own time; it’s truly a magical place where your body, mind and soul receive nature’s nourishment.  It’s the perfect place to relax, rejuvenate, explore, and reconnect.  Chris and Jenn have hosted large family reunions, weddings, corporate and private retreats, group classes, and many other types of gatherings. 

It is a house full of love, with the sound of laughter, smell of good food, and delightful music.  When you arrive, you are simply a new friend, welcomed into its embrace, leaving only promising to return another time. See more photos HERE


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