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A: When did you guys start?
M: 1986

A: Please tell us about your organization?
M: The Fun Club Volleyball Association (TFCA) has been coordinating a variety of youth and adult, co-ed indoor and outdoor volleyball programs since 1986 in the Greater Vancouver Regional District of British Columbia. The Association was founded initially as a fundraising entity and with the growth of its membership; weekly leagues, weekend tournaments, and special events were formed.

TFCA underwent a name change to TFC Volleyball (TFC) in January 2003.

TFC supports sustainabilty in volleyball threw its Athlete Sponsorship Policy.  Details in the FAQ section of the website.

TFC is a member in good standing of the Vancouver Sport Network (Please, re-attach the picture in the current FAQ page) and Vancouver Field Sports Federation.

A: How many members do you have?
M: We have up to 5,000 members, but on a regular basis 500 very active members that come out and play.

A: Who are your members made up of?
M: We get all different types of people, from high school grade 11 and 12 to working professionals.  Majority of our members are 19-40, multi-sport atheletes, who drive and live in the Lower Mainland.

A: How is your organization different from other volleyball leagues?
M: We are the largest grass 2 on 2's and 4 on 4's provider in BC, also the cheapest in pricing.  Our board is consist of a wide range of professionals with business, medical and educational background who have a passionate love for the sport of volleyball.  We have knowledgable staff and volunteers to facilitate the sport on an ongoing basis.

A: Where do you guys play?
M: Sir Charles Tupper High School on Tuesday and Wednesday, Trout Lake in the summer on Thursdays, several locations in Burnaby including Burnaby South Secondary for our leagues, and we also have various location for tournaments.

A: How many people is on a team?  Can you just come out by yourself?
M: We have 2 on 2s, and 4 on 4s, etc.  Format is different each night. 

A: How does TFC play a role in the community?
M: We do quite a bit of fundraising to support local charities like Big Brothers, YMCA, Boys & Girl's Club, Community Centres throughout Vancouver, and we also sponsor the Dragon Boat Festival.

A: How many teams play on a regular basis?
M: 16-24 teams at indoor courts for Tournament, but up to 60 teams for outdoor tournaments.

A: Are there opportunities to socialize and make friends at TFC?
M: Yes, we usually have a BBQ at Trout Lake after the game finishes at 8:30pm, or we go to Toby's Pub to hangout.  TFC gives out door prizes and such.

A: Who's your ideal client?
M: Young professional couple between 19-40, owns a car, and lives in the Lower Mainland.  People who like to stay active, social and have fun!  People who are looking for more challenging volleyball players to play with.  Some of our players are ex-provincial and Canadian level professional volleyball players, so the games can get competitive.

Remaining grass tournaments:

Sat, Aug 13th - Reverse Doubles - Confederation Park, Bby
Sat, Aug 27th - Reverse Co-Ed 4's - Beaconsfield Park, Van
Sun, Aug 28th - Reverse Doubles - Beaconsfield.

If you are interested in obtaining more information as a participant of TFC activities, or if you are interested in supporting or sponsoring TFC events, please contact us at:

The Fun Club
Tel: 604 255-2832
Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

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