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Vancouver, Canada, February 7: January 30-31, 2011, from 11:00am – 5:30pm, Greentail Environmental Inc was presenting as a sessional speaker, as well as an exhibitor at the 2011 BC Food Service Expo in the new Vancouver Convention Centre.  This is the first public unveiling and demonstration of Greentail’s revolutionary product “GohBIO” live in action to the mass audience.  Domingo A. de Torres, Greentail Environmental Inc’s VP of Sales showcased GohBIO to the Georgia Straight on Monday January 31, see video www.straight.com/article-372998/vancouver/vancouver . Read about this story in Chinese www.westca.com/News/article/sid=184367/lang=schinese.html .
Domingo A. de Torres | Greentail Environmental | T 604.682.8898 | F 604.608.9135 | C 604.354.1215

303-1228 Hamilton St. Vancouver, BC V6B 2T4

About GohBIO:
GohBIO is the first product offered by Greentail Environmental Inc, a technological innovation that hails from S. Korea, invented by the genius Mr. Chun Il Koh.  Domingo A. de Torres, the VP of Sales from Greentail has been marketing innovative green solutions to the Food/ Grocery industry for over 20 years.  He got the idea from hearing complaints from his clients regarding the high costs of waste disposal and the increasing awareness of environmental concerns.  They repeatedly spoke about their annoyance regarding the smell, labour, rat/bug infestation, safety hazard for the staff, and increasing cost of hauling and tippage fees that waste generate.  Domingo took the initiative and began to research for a better solution in Japan and S. Korea since none existed in N. America.

In 2007, deTorres heard through his network that the first food waste digester in N. America was installed in a Roche Bros. Supermarket in Boston.  He immediately flew out to see it in action.  This was the solution he has been searching for.  Simply the first self contained high speed, aerobic food waste digesting system designed to fit in any food processing facility, commercial kitchen and supermarket.   A machine that is easy to install, the size of an upright piano, containing micro-organisms that can process up to 1,500 lbs of food waste (vegetable, meat, poultry, seafood, dairy, grains, etc) and turns it into city compliant water in less than 24 hours that can go safely down the drain.  All it needs is electricity, water and drainage; fully operational an hour after installation.  Domingo was excited about this innovative technology and how It will save his customers money while creating a positive environmental impact.  The technology and the system has matured in the past 12 years in Japan and S. Korea, fully patented globally and has received all major certifications for North American safety, quality manufacturing and environmental standards .  GohBIO is the cleanest, safest, and most environmentally friendly solution for food waste management. 
A typical grocery store (35,000 Sq Ft), producing 60 tons of garbage per month of which 70% is food waste, is picked up 10 times per month (each pick up is 6 tons) at $125 per pickup and $85 per ton for tippage fee will have an ROI of less than 3 years using the GB1200  model.  Operating 100 – GohBIO 1200 systems at full capacity for one year will divert 21,900 tons of food waste from the landfill, save $1,861,500 in tipping fees, save $4,546,250 in hauling fees, and save 3,650 truck pickups.  GohBIO is available in four sizes to handle a range of waste processing volume requirements.
Since 2008, 150+ GohBIO systems have been installed across United States in many prominent establishments such as the Fairmont, Hilton and Marriott Hotels, as well as Costco, Shoprite and Super Valu.  It has also won many awards such as Hotelympia Innovation Award 2010, Sustainable Catering Equipment Award 2010,  Editor’s Choice Green Technology 2008 Award, Caterer’s Equipment and Suppliers Excellence Award 2010, Kitchen Innovation 2007 Award.
The GohBIO system is the only food waste to water technology in Canada.  Currently in Vancouver, GohBIO has been installed in T & T Supermarket and Nester’s Market.  Both locations had an overwhelmingly positive response.  Mark Mountenay, VP of Marketing says: “We are in talks with restaurants, grocery chains, and hotels and everyone is excited about this product because it fits perfectly into their cost reduction and sustainability mission.  We are working hard at creating a Canadian awareness about this new cleantech innovation, and have it available across the country in the next 12 months.” 

“I have traveled around  the world as an expert on Food Waste management, and as an environmental consultant.  To my opinion South Korea is the world leader in food waste treatment technology.   The GohBIO’s food waste treatment technology is first of its kind in Canada, and scientifically, it is the most environmentally friendly food waste disposal solution on-site as it creates much less greenhouse gas (GHG), do not require haulage, and do not plug up landfills.  I hope that food-waste generating businesses will look at the bottom line savings as well as the significant positive environmental and social impact they will create by using GohBIO system.”  

Statement from Dr. Bharat Bhushan, Ph.D  (Microbiology & Biotechnology), Former Senior Research Scientist at the National Research Council of Canada. Dr.  Bhushan has published more than 50 research manuscripts in peer-reviewed scientific Journals that include prestigious Environmental Science & Technology, Applied & Environmental Microbiology, and Applied Microbiology & Biotechnology etc. Currently, Dr. Bhushan is scientific adviser to several biotechnology companies including Greentail Environmental Inc.
About Greentail Environmental Inc:
Greentail Environmental Inc is the exclusive Canadian distributor for the GohBIO and SuperGoH2O technology.  It is a green technology firm made up of a dynamic team of talented professionals who are food industry veterans.  With their office in Yaletown, they set out to help organizations reduce costs & increase operational efficiencies while helping the environment.  Currently, they service restaurants, hotels, grocery stores, food manufacturer, caterers, institutions and municipalities. 

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