Everyday Hero: Jennifer & Jeff Madigan, L2 Accent Reduction Centre
Jennifer & Jeff Madigan
L2 Accent Reduction Centre

Watch their video on Vimeo: https://vimeo.com/59962136
or Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lSnN_8v0GRc

Jennifer and Jeff have put themselves at the forefront of addressing a unique need for the ever increasing internationally trained professional that makes up a large segment of Canada's workforce.  L2 Accent Reduction works with many corporations such as Best Buy, BC Transmission Corporation, BC Hydro, Fairmont Hotels, Revenue Canada, to name a few.  (http://www.l2accent.com/client_list.html) Since opening, they have helped hundreds of people, and with their internet training programs, in the lower mainland as well as abroad in India, The Philippines, The Czech Republic, and China.

For Jennifer, the daughter of an immigrant, L2 Accent Reduction Centre, provides training that was inspired from her father's struggles.

"My dad first came to this country in 1970 at the age of 28.  He was university educated and spoke fluent English and yet when he spoke no one understood him.  Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve always wanted to find a way to help individuals speak clearer and relate better at work."
Jennifer went on to study Linguistics and Speech Pathology and obtained her Master’s in Education to equip herself to help people like her father.  Her work also brought her together with her husband Jeff, whose background in English fluency tests such as TOEFL and IELTS, have helped L2 Accent Reduction Centre provide English support in all areas of language support.  Today, the L2 Accent Reduction Centre has courses in Speaking, Writing, Accent Reduction Training and Test Preparation.

"During my career, I have seen so many educated people like my father, work survival jobs, because they are not understood and are not given a chance for advanced employment.     While there are a lot of great companies that will support their diverse staff, there are many individuals who cannot get funding."

Jennifer has created the Fresh Start Program, a program that provides English support to single immigrant parents free of charge. The program was inspired by her sister, who was a single mom, and was the only single parent to ever graduate from SFU's rigorous Co-op business program.  In 2009,   Jennifer's sister established the Pay it Forward Bursary at SFU for single parents, and encouraged Jennifer to start a special program for single immigrant parents.    

Jennifer feels that it is one small way she can help people who have sacrificed so much to make a better life for their children just as her father had done.

The L2 Accent Reduction Centre  also works with a number of agencies such as Multicultural Helping House, SUCCESS, Arrive BC, Douglas College Skills Connect,  CGA and provides workshops on Accent Reduction.


I have worked with Jennifer and Jeff to put on the one day "Accent Reduction Workshop" sponsored by the company I work for Altitude Recruiting and hosted by Multicultural Helping House Society.  We had 17 eager students from 9am - 3pm and they only had very encouraging and positive things to say about L2.

Testimonials from students of the Accent Reduction Workshop

"It was a great learning experience attending the seminar, i would definitely recommend it to my Filipino friends to attend this course for them to build up confidence in their speech and personality.  I liked the question and answers format as the session goes." ~Dan R

"I enjoyed the workshop and learned a lot. Overall I'm satisfied with the event and it really is a great help especially for new immigrants."~Veronica L

"the workshop was great. Jennifer and Jeff were very kind and took the time to answer all the questions. The book  they provided is very useful, now is up to us to practice and improve." ~Ulysses & Liliana

It was first time that I had attended such type of course and it was a wonderful experience for me! Jennifer and Jeff had not only very pleasant behaviour but they were well prepared as well." ~Janka

"The seminar was very good and usefull"~Sleiman K

" Thank you very much for organizing the accent reduction workshop it has been a wonderful experience."~Lolita D
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