Everyday Hero: Stanley Jones

Social Butterfly Club Everyday Hero: Stanley Jones 


Social Butterfly Club Everyday Hero: Stanley Jones from Networking Queen on Youtube.


**Tell Cree love story** 

Have you had your fill of bad news that the main stream media is feeding you? Are you sick and tired of seeing old, fat, wealthy Caucasian man who marry woman younger than their own daughters heralded as the leaders of industry and heros of our current capitalist society? (ex: Donald Trump)

Personally, I like to see some good news on TV, I like to hear stories of people from various ethnic backgrounds, various professionals (not just business or real estate or high tech), various age, and walks of life being celebrated as heros. Perhaps they don't have billions of dollars, but they lead healthy, productive, happy lives. They have overcome amazing obstacles and challenges just to be alive today! Below is a program I like to start within our Social Butterfly Club called "Everyday Hero". You can nominate anyone you know to be a "Everyday Hero", only stipulation is that they have to be a Social Butterfly Club member. 

I met Stanley last year during one of my banking visits.  He was different from everyone else at this busy downtown branch, as I waited in line for a good 15 minutes as he cheerfully listened, and conversed with whom I thought was a homeless old dude talking about things that had nothing to do with banking.  At first I was getting aggravated thinking wow this guy must have never heard of the saying "Time is Money", then he gave me the same attention when it was my turn, and made me feel truly special.  We begin a conversation and a friendship... and each time I speak with him, my perception about First Nations people changes, and becoming more and more inspired by hearing from him not only his tale of survival but path towards success.   I hope you will enjoy his story, and to know that heroes exist in many shapes and sizes, and hopefully it brought a smile to your face as it did mine.

Social Butterfly Club Everyday Hero: Stanley Jones from Networking Queen on Youtube.

Hello my name is Stanley Jones hailing from the Sucker Creek Indian Band. However through to combined powers of the Indian Act and Bill C-31 I am currently and officially bandless and without identity.

I grew up primarily in a small coastal town at a time where being First Nations was closely associated with shame. I went through my formative years in a community with a profound dislike for First Nations people. Needless to say games of Cowboys and Indians were very one sided. I went through those years simply known as that Indian kid, and his Indian Mother. Early on I was in a battle against losing hope.

These community attitudes led to a life filled with violence, and I often came home from school cursing the very blood I proudly carry in my veins today. I was stereotyped as being “another dumb Indian”, and worst of all I started believing it. And thus started my journey making an identity with my fists in a desperate attempt to earn my communities respect. It didn’t work, my mother often said afterwards if I didn’t smarten up she would whup the Indian out of my hide – that cunning plan failed miserably too. I lost hope.

High school was a changing of attitudes, suddenly going from being the lone Indian in a school of 200 to being the lone Indian in a school of 600. After trying to make an attempt to introduce myself to the local Indian Band I was rejected because I was from the wrong Indian band. I lost hope.

The whispers remained, and once again I was forced to make a new identity for myself. What saved me was two teachers who always made the time to talk to me, they never judged me, and saw something more in me. They gave me the confidence to challenge, then break the prison bonds I created for myself. They gave me hope.

When faced with the trials and struggles ahead of me in my attempts to find my identity in First nation and Society in general. I remembered a story my Grandfather told me.

**Tell Cree love story** 

This resonates within me because I believe in the mending of the divides in society we have created. Whether between First Nation band and First Nation band, or between First Nations and society as a whole. Already I have seen the winds of change taking place. When my sister started going to school I was terrified about her going through the same difficulties I did, but the concept of multiculturalism was becoming mainstream. My sister was not known as “that Indian girl”, but as an individual. That gave me hope.

Even though I am officially band-less, I know deep in my heart and soul I am First Nations. That is why I have pushed myself to break the stereotype, I push myself not to be a statistic, push myself not to be a victim, and most importantly to help future generation so they do no have to go through the same struggles my ancestors or I had to go through.

While training at my Financial Institution I found about the various First Nation focused programs, and I saw a window of opportunity. While employees may know that it is out there I want to show everyone what an difference it could make. I want to thank my managers for stepping forward into these programs and I am proud to say we will be participating in the Stay in School program. These people helped to give me a voice when I doubted my own. These programs and the support I have received from my Managers has given me hope.

As for the future, where as I am proud of the in roads my Financial Institution has made to reach out to First Nations, I look forward to being able to take these initiatives further. Eventually I want to become one of the first branch managers of First Nations descent in British Columbia. And with the opportunities presented to me I plan to be the voice my Grandparents never had. Now have been put in a position where I can give hope.

Thank you.

Stanley Jones

We welcome your feedback and suggestions. Yes, the video is a bit blurry, it's my first time video taping, will do a better job next time.


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