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Date: 2014-10-22 13:40:28
Social Butterfly Club Monthly Newsletter Sept 2014

From Doing to Being

It has been awhile since I wrote about what’s going on with me, and just supplemented my Social Butterfly Club monthly email newsletter with my Hello VanCity event coverage.  This has really been a growth year for me on all fronts: emotionally, spiritually, professionally, and socially.  I have come to learn the biggest life lesson since I’ve turned 30 is the wisdom of switching from doing to being.

What do I mean by that? Well, for all of my 20’s, it was a blinding blaze to success that lead to sickness and emptiness.  I spent time looking around, and realized that it was the inner child within me that was screaming for approval. That lead me to burning my candles on both ends, becoming the perfectionistic control freak and ultimately, unhappiness.  I was living a giant lie, trying to satisfy what my family wanted, what my society tells me I should be doing, while not knowing who I was and what made me happy.

Some people really need to hit rock bottom before they can begin a self discovery. The four months after breaking off my engagement in 2007 started this trajectory.  I didn’t realize it at the time, but feeling dead inside drove me to sample the delights of the senses. I had met my tribe at Burning Man, and subsequently meeting my soul family within the conscious community in Vancouver really lit my fire within.

This world of illusions blinds us to the external.  Before, I never would have thought the hippie community is my tribe, now I see, it’s not what is on the outside that matters, it’s the values you live by that ties a tribe.  Since then, I have begun a journey towards holistic living that includes cutting out all meat in my diet, using local organic vegan products for as much in my life as I can ranging from household cleaning to personal hygiene.  The biggest impact was slowing down and really consider my impact on this world.

At one point, I felt a tremendous amount of confusion, as Special Events is a very wasteful industry, and PR, Marketing, Promotions is based on hype.  I was no longer lured by the razzle dazzle, and considered joining an ashram. But knowing me, I’d probably go ballistic in an ashram and turn into an efficiency Nazi on them.  The environmentalist in me was loathing the part of me that lusted after luxury and pretty things. While the intellectual part of my brain was lecturing the executioner during each act.  It felt like a midlife crisis that lasted about 4 months.  How did this all come about you ask?  I began my real entry into developing a spiritual practice after my humble steps towards an education with the Vedas with the esteemed teacher Jeffrey Armstrong.  He shed light on the current age of over information, where seldom the truth reveals itself, and is shunned.  And how advertising as we know it is really a black art of emotional manipulation.

I have begun to open my heart slowly and carefully, and began to feel emphatically the emotions of everyone around me. There is a tremendous feeling of hopelessness in the future.  That each day is a dreary that blur into the next.
So many complex emotions send me into an existential tailspin that I couldn’t get out of, with arguments of “why even bother, at the rate of extinction of the species, we probably at most get 80 years left before the ice age kicks in” spinning in my head. 

With more spiritual lessons, all fears subsided.  Once you truly believe that we’re eternal being without birth and death and are here on a journey of fun, discovery, learning, the world is a place of infinite possibilities.  I was thinking too small!  I  now experience flashbacks from my past lives, and know that we live many lives.  That gender, and everything else that we associate with identity is an illusory box we jail ourselves with.  Even the concept of love and marriage, just another box. 

Prior to 2011, I was always “busy”, and saying things like “I have so much work, it’s killing me” and thought it was a badge of honour to able to reply email 2 am in the morning, when it’s just a sign of my totally imbalanced lifestyle and lack of boundaries.  I have learned that I don’t always need to be the brain and provide solutions when my friends tell me their problems.  Being there, listening quietly is really the biggest expression of love I can provide.  Isn’t that what we all want? Someone to unconditionally love us, and be on our side when something truly horrible or unfixable happens?  I have learned to look at flowers, not to find the broken outside layers to peel off, but to appreciate their subtle aroma, and their gentle beauty.  To smile when I see a dog on the street, or laugh when I see children’s innocence while playing.  To spend time with friends, and witness life as it happens through all the joys, drama, and take in the deliciousness of creation in music, and art.  I have come to realize that success is not a physical destination with certain requirements, it’s a state of being.  When you realize you are whole and don’t lack anything from anyone or externally, then all outside temptation becomes irrelevant, and you feel pure joy and happiness.  It’s that feeling of connectedness, to the source, to the collective humanity, a sea of creation and destruction. 

I have stopped wearing make up during my daily life and stopped many of what I now consider useless and petty activities.  Things I used to care a lot about, now I see, it’s just painting on the mask for the ego, apart of the maya.  I have led a life where I was bred to stay quite, keep my opinions to myself, talk sweetly in a gentle voice, smile and never have a temper, and it almost killed me.  Now I speak boldly and courageously.  It’s not that I don’t understand tactfulness, or etiquette, but having no voice is the erosion of my identity. For too long, women of all backgrounds have been told, and indoctrinated to stay quite.  I stand behind what I say, be it a compliment or a constructive criticism because I only speak the truth, and I only share constructive criticism with friends. 

Life’s wisdom comes to you when you can see things as they are, not how they’re perceived to be, or promoted as, but just as they are.  Once you get to that point, you might reconsider who your friends are.  Their deep-seated fear will become glaringly obvious to you, and that vibration will lower your energy. 

I have learned about the ayuverdic body types, and how karma works, and I have nothing but love and compassion for each and every human being.  Even the person I was before I encountered this knowledge. 

Now I know I want to focus on attracting clients within the sustainability industry. Working closely with female entrepreneurs in empowering their brand with more abundance through storytelling.  And I will continue to focus on working with speakers, and fine tuning their voice and story.  Our world is run by stories, so know what is running you and what stories you tell unconsciously to the world by your actions, your attitude and your energy.  I’m not going to be a fatalist sitting at home watching the world go down the toilet, I will do my best to be apart of the solution. All manifestation in the world starts with strong desire!  So stop spreading fear and share your love.     

 Wild Play in Maple Ridge 

Wild Play

While hitching a ride with fellow YVR Bloggers Baila and Jenny, we bonded on our 1 hour car ride out to Maple Ridge.  When we arrived, we met up with all the rest of the YVR Blogger crew. About 18 of us gathered at the entrance of WILD PLAY Maples Ridge located at 23485 Fern Crescent Maple Ridge.  The park manager is a late 20’s spunky young lady who leads a team of university students who work the spring and summer season for Wild Play. We were informed that this business was started 7 years ago by two outdoor enthusiasts, and now they have 4 locations: Kelowna, Maple Ridge, Nanaimo and West Shore Victoria.

We were assigned with a tall handsome young man who was funny yet very serious about safety. He helped us get the safety gear on and briefed us on how to use our harness at the demonstration area.  Then we were released into the wild on our “Monkido Classic” adventure for the afternoon!

I volunteered to be the first one up to bat, and I tried my best to get through this 4 part obstacle course as fast as I could . I have slight regret, because I wasted a good 5-10 minutes at the end of the leg 2. I had thought I was finished when the path led on when you just walk around the tree.  Despite the delay , I finished in 1 hour and 15 minutes. 


The park breaks up into an adult section and children section.  This is how they described the “Monkido” = Monkey Do ( as in follow and copy what the monkeys do): Navigating wobbly bridges, log ladders, hanging nets, rope swings, and zip lines is a fun way to test your mettle.  On the Classic Course, guests of all abilities complete progressively challenging green, blue, red and black levels at their own pace.  I found out by talking to our trainer, that the best time record for this full course was done by one of their staff in 11 minutes!  I can’t even fathom the type of athlete that can zip by this jungle that quickly.  They’d be running at full speed through it. 

Our blogger group sure had fun, they took about 2.5 hours as a group to complete the whole thing. All the while taking a ton of photos, videos, and some really loved the rope swing into the cargo net.  It was a hot afternoon of great fun.  I would highly recommend this as a family activity or for people who enjoys a cardio challenge in the outdoors.

Markus J Hair & Well-being 10 Year Anniversary Gratitude Soiree Celebrates our inner Goddess to fundraise for


On October 4th, hundreds of clients and friends of Markus J Hair & Well-being gathered for an sumptuous evening where guests ate sushi off of sexy models, followed by high-end fashion by Jacqueline Conoir, a bridal wear showcase by Bisou Bridal, door prizes, giveaways, and a fantastic Silent Auction to raise funds to to construct an orphanage in Nepal.

Mona Leung, founder and owner proudly says: “we feel so grateful that some of our clients has been with us for more than 20 years, and most of our staff are lifers here.  We want to celebrate this moment and share our joy in introducing more niche services in the Well-being department.  Inspirational speakers and surprise celebrities will make this an unforgettable night where inspiration, beauty and community is felt by everyone.  It’s an opportunity for everyone to shine, so many talent will be showcased and love will envelop us all.”


Close to 400 guests came through the doors that night and enjoyed the great energy of music, laughter, treatments, food and a good time!  One of the highlights was when the models strutted down the runway, two of the models in the last segment stopped and took off of each other’s make up to Colbie Caillat’s song “Try” sang beautifully live by Theda Phenoix accompanied by Adrian Armstrong on guitar.


Event: Markus J Hair & Well-being 10 Years Anniversary Soiree
2567 West Broadway, Vancouver
Adrian Armstrong: singer songwriter,
Theda Pheonix, singer,
Kathy & Paul Scott, Quantum Touch Healing
Nisha Helmig, Hand Analysis Reader
Lisa, The Oracle
Rebecca, Shiatsu Massage

About Markus J Hair & Well-being:

Markus J Hair & Well-being is a place that offers more than just a hair cut; we bring out the divine feminine through workshops and services in the language of love to facilitate self love and community. Our mission is to inspire a beautiful life of confidence and well-being where we believe a hair appointment is a sacred ritual for honouring ourselves for inspiration, rejuvenation, clarify, so you feel great inside and out.  Our award-winning professional staff
are known for bridal hairstyles, wedding hair updos & makeovers as well as taking the time to nurture your whole being. Find out more about us at    

About Project LoveFound:
Created to empower the lives of orphaned children & marginalized women in developing countries through Education, Self-Development, and Sustainable Living.

LoveFound is currently supporting close to 100 orphaned children by creating opportunities for child sustainability, education sponsorship, and creative development programs. Our mission is to UNIFY the youth under a common vision of self-realization and empower these children to live to their fullest potential. Find out more about us at

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