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Date: 2013-03-21 22:18:46
Social Butterfly Club Monthly Newsletter Nov 2012

Living The New Economy Conference

From November 19-25th, 2012 a conference was put on at the Performance Works on Granville Island. It's goal was to facilitate and bring the dialogue of “MONEY” to centre stage for the community. This conference had Charles Ensienstein as the keynote speaker. It had a pitchfest,  a fishbowl (similar to CBC’s Dragon’s Den), and all costs could be covered using Seedstock (the local currency) or by your choice of $$ amount.  I went with a group of close friends to hear Charles speak. I was thrilled by the young man who went up in the middle of his speech did a poetry slam giving props to Charle’s work! Charles as always was humble, insightful, and optimistic, finishing his speech with “I love this city!”.
I also went to check out the tradeshow booth and the pitch fest .I found that it was rather fun.  I saw a 3D printer for the first time in person, and was so amused by the little plastic toys it could make.  Too bad it doesn’t spit out shoes.  I knew two of the booths owners, and met some new ones.  You can find out more about their fall conference by visiting

Poetry slam right in the midst of Charle's speech

Conversation with Willie ~ Play by Jesai Jayhmes

On Nov 7th, I took my famous blogger friend Lorraine Murphy to see my dear friend Jesai Jayhmes’ play “Conversation With Willie”.  I felt a bit akward at first since it’s a play about a talking penis. However it was a play that really goes through the emotional ups and downs of everything a person can go through. Whether be it about ambition, love, lust, self worth, childhood, commitment, addiction, depression, or suicide.  This play would be a writers as well as a psychologists dream to dissect and analyze.  There were many stunning visual aspects, using lighting and fabric to create adramatic emotional response from the audience.  There was beautiful music, humour, and most of all, raw human emotion at the bottom of the pit such as desperation and self-loathing.
The best part about the play, was the open dialogue between all the audience after the show was over.  People really shared very personal journeys of their own, their insecurities, perspectives, patterns, and what issues really hit home from the play.  I was blown away by the play, as it discussed the very meaning of life in every aspect. Focusing on the spirituality fulfillment from self-love.  It was a powerful message, beautifully delivered.

Vancouver East Side Cultural Crawl

On Nov 16-18th, a 3 day FREE event occurred where more than 10,000 people visited artist studios along Victoria, 1st Ave and Main Street in East Vancouver.  I went with my good friend Michele and Wendy Cook to check out the artist buildings by Venables.  Over by the rail tracks, hundreds of artists whos mediums ranged from painting, jewellery making, furniture making, button making, paper making, fabric design and mixed media artists gathered.  It felt like I fell down a rabbit hole of creativity and awesome weirdness.  Everywhere I look, there was something cool and innovative, so I was snapping away with pictures using my iphone until an artist pointed out I must ask for permission.  OOOPS!!  I didn’t buy anything, but was inspired with decorating ideas, and know where to shop for Christmas presents!  You have to try it next year!

Vancouver has a whole array of talented artists on display, it was so inspiring to see their work.


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