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Date: 2015-07-18 05:46:04
Social Butterfly Club Monthly Newsletter Oct 2012

Amazing News!

1) After a YEAR of manifesting and creating strategic alliances, EVERYDAY HERO interview finally is debuting in professional video quality, and will be shown in Novus Television to the 20,000 viewers in the Yaletown area.  You can see it on Youtube: and download it on Vimeo:  This particular segment is featuring Michael Schratter, a Vancouver School Board teacher who bicycled around the world to raise awareness to lessen the stigma associated with mental illness to get more people talking about the issue.

2) We are switching email systems again, hopefully for the last time from Mad Mimi to Mail Chimp, so that most of our members in the SBC can enjoy our wonderful news, tips and updates.

                                                          Seed Event

Saturday, Oct 13, 2012 was a gathering of brilliant innovators and speakers in the health and wellness industry, with a tradeshow of the best leading edge providers of alternative health.  I attended mainly because I have been a fan of Deepak Chopra for many years and wanted to see him live in person!
I made the mistakes of staying up until 4am, and dragging myself at 9am in the pouring rain to attend this all day event and to listen to David Wolfe, the world’s eminent expert and guru on Nutrition and Natural food. I found him very entertaining, knowledgeable and charismatic. I learned that the top super foods that will boost your immunity and increase your longevity are:
1)     Reishi Mushrooms
2)     Changa Mushroom
3)     Gynostemma
4)     Ginseng
5)     Chlorella
6)     Zeolites
7)     Shilajit
8)     Astragalus Root
9)     Camu Camu Berry
10)   Probiotics: coconut Kefir
He was a powerhouse of the cutting edge on what will keep sickness at bay, like eating “Aloe Vera”….crazy right?!  For more info check out
I continued to listen to Adam McLeod, who is a dream healer. He had everyone do different exercises to conduct self healing.  He had great insight for such a young man, and great presentation skills, but I was too tired, so I took a nap.
Following Adam was Karen McGregor whose speech I wasn’t sure had a point.  She told us how in the span of a summer, her two business partners dissolved the business, her husband left, and her son broke his leg zip-trekking on their backyard clothes line, at which point again, I took a nap.
Next up was Jeffrey Armstrong, who of course was amazing and got everyone up and dancing. He was followed by Gerald Celente. His antics remind me of Russell Peters’ impersonations of New York Italians. I’m sure he had a good message. His delivery was very “American”, which is kicking, screaming and yelling, inter-spliced with rat pack music where he danced around thinking he was a cool cat. His main message was that the future would involve a much bigger economic fallout, and geopolitical unrest in the Middle East would lead to World War 3.  Sigh. I felt physically sick while he was spilling his personal opinions masquerading as “future predictions”. The end was fast approaching so we might as well dance and laugh at the perverse reality we experience currently. When he was finished, he got a standing ovation. I guess a lot of people agree with his opinions about the mismanagement of US policies.
When Deepak finally appeared on stage, I felt like YES, I’m finally at my goal. He was such a let down, as he told jokes about his grandson, where all the punch lines involved “Pokemon”. He spoke very slowly with a mumble so I couldn’t understand half of what he was saying, and I had a hard time having any emotion towards what he was saying.  He mostly facilitated group meditation for one hour; talked about his various businesses; praised Nirmala Raniga who runs Paradise Valley Wellness Centre; tried to get everyone to watch him on the O Network to start a 3-month meditation practice.
Perhaps I put too much faith in this spiritual guru to say something life altering, when he’s just a common man who runs a business that involves selling books, yoga studio, and healing centres. I am still puzzled why he’s the #1 Public Speaker currently in the world, because he does not know basic public speaking technique, have awesome content, nor care about his audience that much. To me, he was lazy and ill-prepared, and went all over the place with his speech. All his call to action was to buy more of his products or consume more of his videos.

Insider Secrets of Motivational Speakers ~ Elias Arjan @ Internet Mastermind Group

I went to the Monday night Internet Mastermind Group Meet Up on Oct 29th at Franco’s hair salon to listen to Elias Arjan’s presentation on “Insider Secrets of Motivational Speakers”. The topic of course intrigued me, as I like motivational speakers and am always amazed at their ability to turn people into buying zombies. It turns out as Elias reveals, they’re using very, very sophisticated neurological programming to get people into a trance. The development of Psychology has been paralleling advertising since the beginning, and the top advertising agencies now hire PhDs in Neuro Science to figure out how they can bypass our conscious brain and reach our amphibian brain, which is our unconscious that is driving most of our life.
Elias showed us one of those trippy photos where all the circles seem to be moving while logically we know the picture is static.  His point was that we cannot trust our senses, as it is not reliable. 
Elias showed us that Trick #1 is pattern breaking. Get people to do something outside of their comfort zone towards a verbalized goal. If people don’t take physical action, their life won’t change. Use a group activity to break up the pattern of sitting and listening all day. You can also use video and other types of extreme activity like walking on hot coals, for example.
Trick #2 is emotional anchoring. Elias told the story of David and Goliath, and kept running from the left to the right of the stage, and kept pointing to himself whenever he talked about David.  The left of the stage was David, right of the stage was Goliath.  Elias explained that by subtly anchoring a good and bad side, and referring himself to the good, when he closes at the end stand in the good spot, people will have no resistance to buying.
Trick #3 is switch things up. Switch activities, from movement to stillness, to movement. This confuses the brain to the point where people enter a trance and give their will power to the speaker, so at the end of the day, or conference, when the speaker gives them the command to buy, people cannot resist it.
If you went to MasterMind Intensive put on by T. Harv Eker, you could see these techniques put into play brilliantly. Elias does caution that these advanced NLP techniques are powerful tools, like a gun. It can do good or harmful. A novice should not play with it without enough knowledge.
If you’re interested in what else Elias has to say about branding, advertising, NLP and the power of storytelling in the new paradigm of business, come join him for a 4 hour workshop on Sunday, November 25, 2012 from 12noon - 4pm.
I was really intrigued to hear Matt Astifan’s experience after attending Anthony Robbin’s 3-day power weekend, how he saw 5000 people being transformed into a trance and ending up buying $10 million dollars of products, and he was really turned off by it. I don’t think the final frontier is space, I think it’s our mind space, and who ultimately has a say.

             Fraser River Keeper's 5 Year Anniversary Gala @ Waterfall Building

Are you a fan of the TV show CSI? I’ve been a dedicated fan of CSI Las Vegas and CSI Miami for many years, and especially love the character played by Marg Helgenberger. She’s a tough CSI, divorced single mother who is smart and sexy, not to mention who worked her way up from being an exotic dancer, and who is the illegitimate hotel mob boss’ daughter. But my love affair with Marg began years ago when she played a vulnerable mother in the movie “Erin Brockovich” as a woman who became the victim of chemically polluted water, developing breast cancer and uterus cancer and had to have both removed.  I remember being so touched by a short scene where she broke down to Erin asking with her shaking voice, “If I don’t have any breasts, and don’t have a uterus anymore, am I still a woman?”
I was so surprised to meet Marg when I volunteered for the Fraser River Keeper’s 5th Anniversary Gala at the Water Fall building on Oct 20th. I was in charge of the silent auction and during the beginning of the evening, before she jumped into her Emcee role, she came over and browsed.  She was really sweet and down to earth.
The event was beautiful, with gorgeous lighting, décor and buzzing with women in fashionable cocktail dresses and shoes.  There was a very sexy bathing suit fashion show, with live DJ and great auction items. It was designed to help raise awareness to help protect the rivers and the fish. You can find out more at

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