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Date: 2013-03-21 22:08:04
Social Butterfly Club Monthly Newsletter Sept 2012

Vivian's BIG Chinese Wedding

Vivian is a dear friend of mine, whom I met when I taught Event Planning 101 at VCC several years ago. After 5 years of dating, she happily walked down the aisle with her man in front of 350 family and friends. I was thoroughly proud of the detailed planning that went into her wedding! From the gorgeous invitation (made in HK) with Chinese calligraphy, sparkly paper and double happiness punch out. To the purple colour scheme throughout the whole wedding proceedings, flowers, picture booth, and the open bar. Culminating with the guest gifts being personalized fortune cookies in cute carrying cases.

I was seated at table #38, which had to have been the silliest and most hilarious table ever. The jokes were endless, silly group pictures in the photo booth and just general mayhem on the dance floor. Thanks to the groovy live performance of the “Famous Players” band. The band technically is very good, with lights, costumes, and a solid vocal range. They were getting compliments left, right and centre and definitely got everyone onto the dance floor. I really liked the “Make your own sundae station”, you could pick the ice cream and the toppings of your choice.

I have to say it is so tricky trying to figure out what is the best outfit to wear to weddings! This is my 3rd wedding of the year, my first dress was a very delicate silk long dress. It was easy to dance in but I felt very cautious wearing it, as the sparkly bits got caught on things. My second wedding, I wore a knee length cocktail dress designed for dancing, but I froze my ass off from the constantly blowing air conditioner. As a result I didn’t last long enough to dance at all. So this time, I wore a thicker long dress that was very simple with no accents on top. It looked good, but was hell to dance in. My conclusion now, is to wear a cocktail dress with a sweater cardigan and a scarf to use as a wrap with stockings.

Fifth Mountain ~ Paulo Coelho

This book was a bit confusing for me to read, as I’m not familiar with biblical character Elijah. Nor do I really have a deep understanding of the role of a prophet. This narrative was solely focused on Elijah’s coming of age, rising from the ashes of a run away prophet of Israel. Eventually becoming one of the lead councils for the city of Akbar. He was not able to stop war from a neighboring tribe despite all his might, losing the only woman he’s ever loved in war. Then he helped to rebuild Akbar with only orphans, sickly and elderly. This story weaves a delicate political battle between the high priest, city counselor for ultimate control. The priest was preoccupied with inciting war in order to stop the burgeoning spread of the alphabet bringing knowledge to the masses. Whereas the city counselor wanted to maintain the peace in favor of trade and commerce. It was very interesting to see fear used as a tool by the high priest to incite impotency, as well as aggressive defense leading to the city’s ultimate demise. It reminded me of that old saying of never scream “FIRE!” in a movie theatre, as public panic will surely lead to more death caused by trampling than the fire itself.

It also made me wonder about the impact of language! Today with the help of the internet, every piece of the unknown could easily be “googled” and found, yet are we wiser as people? Does our society function better? I recently have been having the same conversation with various friends, and it seems that people’s communication skills are dropping drastically. They don’t read long emails anymore, all writing is shorthand, and most information is read on their cell phone. No one talks on the phone anymore, only text, which gives a lot of room for miscommunication. I don’t feel any closer or intimate with my friends using text. I still pick up the phone and call my friends, and make sure I hangout with them in person. I really don’t appreciate people whose important conversation comes across to my phone as a text message. My replies always the same, call me.

Discovering Your True Nature~ Jeffrey Armstrong

The Three Doshas
The Gunas and the Doshas are terms used in the Indian medical system of Ayurveda. This ancient system, based on the five elements, is accurate in its ability to determine your innate propensities, your body type and your personality from birth. Unlike the complexity of the gene code, this easy-to-learn “pattern recognition system” enables you to determine your compatibility with potential partners, how to eat right for your body type, and which environment is most suitable in which to live and work.

Vata, Pitta and Kapha. Nature creates these body types by combining the five elements. Each body type has distinct traits and personalities. Jeffrey says people who are Pitta (fire and water) should try to avoid living in extremely hot places like Arizona. Since they already got a lot of fire, living in a hot place is dangerous for their health and well being. Whereas, it’d be a great place for Vata people (Wind and Air), who tend to be cold. He also says, one of the worst relationship combination is a very Pitta man with a very Vata woman. They might like each other at first, as Vata woman will like warming up with a hot Pitta man, but after awhile, her sensitivity will be rubbed raw by his aggressiveness. Kapha people (Water and Earth) are the community builder, with a slower motabolism. The three doshas can help us figure out what type of job suits us, type of romantic partner, what type of food is good for us, and where best for us to live!
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