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Date: 2013-03-21 22:04:34
Social Butterfly Club Monthly Newsletter Aug 2012

Mojo ~ the play by ITSAZOO productions

My dear friend Michele Cook called me one Friday afternoon inviting me out to see his nephew’s new play at the Russian Hall. The play, “Mojo” is about the trials and tribulations of patrons of a sleazy London’s Soho nightclub called Ezra’s Atlantic Nightclub. The show starts in the basement of the nightclub with a private view of the shenanigans of men on way too many pills gambling and toting shotguns. The level of mad fun came to a screeching halt with the news of Ezra’s murder by the big gangster in town.

I must say that all the actors in this play were superb. They knew all their lines, stayed in character, spoke in the cockney accent, and were fantastic at conveying that time period and the madness that went with it. I just couldn’t grasp all the quick dialogue or make sense of why people kept dying. The upstairs of the Russian Hall was transformed into an oceanic themed nightclub. It totally reminded me of my grade seven elementary school graduation dance as we also had an under the sea theme. It had that shabby chic feel with the dollar store bought blue shimmer and sparkles on each table, but romantic nonetheless.

You can check out further productions from this fabulous troupe at

See You Later, Litigator! The Musical

I went to the Hollyhock Social Change Conference Series Beach Party a few weeks ago, and met my friend Jordan Bober’s colleague Carly and her very adorable 14 year old daughter Katherine, who happens to be training as a dancer and performer. We had a blast hanging out at the beach, just chilling and connecting and having fun. Katherine invited me to her musical performance “See You Later, Litigator!” on August 23, at the Jewish Community Centre. The Gotta Sing! Gotta Dance! musical-theatre program presents Perry Ehrlich and David Hudgins's original murder mystery with over 30 songs from Broadway and movie musicals. More information at

I invited my good friend Goodwin Young to see the show with me, as he’s semi-retired and is always up for a good time. This musical was the final performance of the summer performing art school program that involves 68 talented young performers ranging from age 6-17. It was a montage of various famous musical numbers like “Chicago”, and famous pop songs from the Beatles to Lady Gaga. The level of sophistication for lighting, set design, costumes, and complexity for the dance chorography was stellar! Especially considering their age.
I really loved all the kids’ enthusiasm! I would much rather watch kids with less skill and tons of dedication, than go on a cruise and watch skilled dancers and singers without an ounce of passion. I was quite moved by the song, “It Gets Better” which promotes anti-bullying and acceptance of all people. I think it’s a very important message for all, but especially for young people to hear. This program has been going on for 17 years! If you have kids who are artistically inclined, you could send them there for the summer next year.

                                   Summer of Love by Jeffrey Armstrong

After the urging of many friends, I recently attended one of Jeffrey Armstrong’s Vedic Spiritual Knowledge Class, held at the Centre for Peace on Burrard and 16th Ave. every Wednesday night. On that particular night, he was continuing his “Summer of Love Series” and talked about Attraction. He shared how something, someone, or an idea attracts every person on this planet everyday. Everything in this world has a different level of charm and beauty, so many of us go traveling and enjoy taking photos of the sights and sounds and food we take in, and love to share it with our friends upon our return. He was saying that Yogi’s have for millennia been “Beauty Addicts” or “Beauty Seekers”, and they want to obtain the most beauty with the least harm upon others.

Jeffrey says that there are three types of people in this world: At one end of the spectrum are people who will do anything and everything to get to beauty, including killing other people. Another type puts a circle around their friends and family, and believes that, as long as those loved ones are protected and cared for, the rest can perish. The final type is the ones who worry about the starving children in Africa, the destruction of our environment and care for everybody and everything.

The truth of the matter is, beauty is just reflections of “divinity”, and whether it’s the process of falling in love, or a piece of art, or a delicious meal, beauty is not permanent and will always wither away, it’s just a universal law. What we need to understand when we chase beauty is that it’s only a reflection, not the actual thing itself, so we feel very empty even after obtaining beauty. What we’re chasing is the essence of divinity and our connection to that. Jeffrey recommends that if we want to truly obtain beauty, we need to be MORE than we have ever imagined possible, and embody beauty so much so that beauty will be intrigued to fall in love with us.

I sat there with my mouth gaped open for quite a lot of the session, as it totally resonated with my heart and spirit. I felt like something clicked inside me and made my life make sense. I spent my 20s chasing beauty in every way possible, and even to some extend today, and I still felt the void. What I really need is spirituality, and to return to divinity.
If you would like to find out more about Vedic Spiritual Knowledge, you can check out and come as a new student for $10 for the first class. The chai tea is unparallel anywhere else in the city!

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