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Date: 2013-03-21 22:00:09
Social Butterfly Club Monthly Newsletter Apr 2012


Spring is here! Kind of hard to tell with our crazy weather...     

Banker to the Poor ~Muhammad Yunus

Are you a book lover? Do you love the smell of bookstores and find peace when you’re in a room filled with books?  Sometimes, good books pop into your life through friends.  This was the case when I came across “Banker to the Poor” written by Nobel Peace Prize winner Muhammad Yunus.
This New York Times bestseller is hard to categorize, as it’s not  fiction nor is it non fiction.  It is neither an autobiography, and definitely not a novel.  It tells the story of the evolution of Muhammad from boyhood to adulthood, and how he got interested in helping local villagers with micro-lending.

This story shed so much light on the poor of Bangladesh, and how amazingly resilient the human spirit is despite hardship. It was eye opening to imagine Muslim women from small villages living their lives not able to step outside the house. Not ever having any control over the well being of themselves or their children. Never to be able to handle money their whole life and depending on their husband solely for support.
I was especially moved by Muhammad Yunus, and his team’s kindness and generosity after a series of natural disasters struck Bangladesh. The book goes into detail of how they physically helped rescue their bank clients, and gave them a longer time to repay their loans.

Two main themes prevailed throughout this book:

1)     That the poor are not lazy, and beyond saving due to their lack of education, motivation etc.  They cannot live a better life due to the lack of structural support. Such as lack of housing, basic health care, education, or credit to start a business.  They know how to make money and “save” themselves, the use of outside consultants is just a waste of money.

2)     Empowering rural women brings the most benefit to the overall community. As they invest into building a better shelter, invest in their children’s education, and spend the money on the family.

It brought tears streaming down my face on multiple occasions,  reading of how eager people are to be recruited as staff at Grammeen Bank. Knowing despite the hardships and trials they faced, together they can to try alleviate poverty! The success stories of the Grammen Bank clients are truly inspiring. How innovative that the Grammen Bank also turned into a telecommunication company as well as fishery in Bangladesh.

It was very interesting to see how Muhammad Yunus’s reception in United States was among the poor and unemployed. It showed how much Grammeen Bank is much needed everywhere.  The part about the Global conference was especially heart warming to see their set targets and being on track.  I whole wholeheartedly agree that poverty should be eliminated and is a reminder of a time past. However, the sociologist in me wonders about the structural build of inequality, and how it will always perpetuate itself.  I read a recent quote that ring true  “When the power of love conquers the love of power, there will be peace.” ~Jimi Hendrix

Mike & Jeanell’s Wedding

A lot of my friends are getting married this year, with four weddings I’ve been invited to so far this year.  This past weekend, I attended and helped out with Mike and Jeanell Greene’s wedding at Chateau Cargill.

It was a lovely ceremony and reception filled with emotional speeches, funny games, amusing performances (singing and dancing). Followed by a good old dance party with an eclectic music selection from Jeanell’s brother TJ, who was the DJ. The theme was French Country, with light baby green and lilac as main décor colours.

Half the audience broke down and cried along with the bride when she was giving her speech.  She shared stories of how they met over the company tech support line, and how his guitar playing wowed her. She spoke of Mike just being sweet everyday and loving her at her worst.  I was especially moved when she told the story of a time when both of them were unemployed for 5 months. Money was really tight and they had to survive on $10 for a week and not knowing how to even afford food, but they never fought over money.  I thought “WOW!”, this is what unconditional love looks like in real life.

I’m truly thrilled and happy for them, and can’t wait to see their children, as Mike claims they’ll represent the new generation.  I met some wonderful new friends and had a blast! Watch my friend Morgan's wicked Wedding dance:


Email System Transition

After 7.5 years of using Listmessenger, we’re finally moving onto another email management system for our newsletters, events calendars, member spotlight, everyday hero email blasts.  I am writing to ask you to PLEASE OPT in on the Social Butterfly Club website at home page on the left hand side.  We tried to move everyone over, but enough emails bounced back that we couldn’t due to the large number of subscribers.

So, for those of you who opt into MAD Mimi email newsletter system, you will be entered into a contest to win 2 tickets to attend the WOW Women of Worth Conference. As well as Social Butterfly Club branded clothing!.   

See details:
Empowered Leadership:  GET WOWED
The 8th annual Woman Of Worth WOW Conference
May 12, 2012, 9am-5pm, Fairmont Vancouver
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One seat always F.R.E.E. with a reserved Table of 10 

World-class speakers and entertainment
-  Your WOW MC:  Award-Winning Humorist Linda Edgecombe
-  It's All About Hormones with international expert Brenda Eastwood
-  Mastering the Law of Attraction with Michael Losier (interviewed 4x by OPRAH)
-  Enlightened Productivity & Performance with Isabelle Mercier-Turcotte
--  The Prosperity Panel - a lively authentic conversation with local success stories
    including Tammy Moyer of News1130 .... and more

Plus ELVIS tribute sensation Adam Fitzpatrick!

WOW is for women interested in:
-  authentic leadership development
-  empowerment and inspiration
-  true team building
-  radiant health and wellness
-  celebration and meaningful connection
-  a deeper sense of purpose
-  and chocolate (of course)

A day that impacts a lifetime WOW
Celebrating the Empowered Leadership of women
Because every woman ... is a Woman Of Worth
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