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Date: 2012-04-18 21:38:29
Social Butterfly Club Monthly Newsletter Mar 2012



Sorry for the late mailout, I switched my email system from Listmessenger to Mad Mi Mi! It'll be much more visually stimulating and professional looking. How was your Easter weekend? I spent it have loads of fun snowboarding at Cypress.

March 2012

                                                 Manifestation via Goal Setting



























A friend I knew from Toastmasters came back into my life recently. He has mentored me in crystallizing the various fragmented desires, competing intentions, and my general sense of dis-empowerment into a personal mission statement. I read this statement every morning to help me focus and facilitate the manifestation process. I have been in complete awe of the transformation in my life, seeing my dreams become a reality in such a short time.
Personal Mission Statement
I am Alice Zhou, and I am at one with the Universe and I believe in equality and justice for all citizens of the world.
I pledge my life to becoming successful enough to impact the people of the world especially the marginalized, in a major positive way.
I believe in family, friends, and the power of people coming together to help each other to grow positively.
I will be a catalyst for social change in the world, and practice the healing art of forgiveness for those who would stand in the way of social change.
I am a beacon of light for the world, and yet I must first find and illuminate the way for myself by embracing who I am.
I offer no apologies for my personal beliefs or the path that I choose to travel – lead, follow or get out of my way.
I believe to whom much has been given much is expected and I have been blessed abundantly and will share my gifts with the world by sharing my hopes, dreams and aspirations.
I believe we are all connected and are one living organism, and that we as people are responsible to each other.
I believe I am called to share the process of my growth and evolution with the world as evidence to the downtrodden and those who suffer from self-doubt (caused by any reason) they can rebound and become whole again.
I am proud of who I am and I will not allow others to impose their beliefs and values upon me. For I am a free thinker and possess the power to discern my own fate and choices.
I am a continuous learner seeking enlightenment.
I choose me today for I am phenomenally awesome and filled with the humility that comes from not having always felt this way. I am Alice Zhou – an intelligent, beautiful, caring woman of the world.

Since I have been doing this, I have landed a job I absolutely love, amazing friends that I can really connect with on an intellectual, emotional, social and spiritual level. Mentors who came into my life that guides me in my evolution in my journey of truth seeking. An overwhelming sense of well being and gratitude due to my own clarity. I don’t feel like a busy bee flying around without direction or productivity. I highly recommend you write down all that you want in all areas of your life (health, career, friendship, family, love, finance, personal development, fun, etc…) then synthesize into a personal mission statement. Follow this up with an action plan, so you can measure your progress.
“If you are not making the progress you would like to make and are capable of making, it is merely because your goals are not clearly defined.” ~Paul Meyers

                           Women Wellness by Canadian Mental Health Association

On March 29th, from 6-9pm around 200 women of the Lower Mainland gathered at the delectable Jewel Ballroom for a night of celebration. It was a fundraiser by the Canadian Mental Health Association titled “Women Wellness”. I went as a guest of a dear friend, and had no expectations.

We begin the evening with arts and crafts, which I thoroughly enjoyed as it was an easy ice breaker to get to know the other women sitting at the table. The goofiness that ensued made for fun and interesting conversations. We had a great spread for dinner, including gourmet chicken, spring salad, and chocolate covered cream puffs (which I ate 3, and could continue if my friend didn’t stop me) followed by heart warming speeches. The first was from a very down to earth lady Bev Gutray, CEO of CMHA, BC Division who shared her own story of struggle of depression and death of a younger brother via suicide due to depression. She talked about her family’s history of shame and non-discussion following his passing. Followed by Keynote Speaker Jessica Bruhn, who was so eloquent in her detailed account of how mental illness affected her childhood, young adulthood, and what it looks and feels like day to day. When she was talking about her obsessive compulsiveness, I could totally relate, and her sense of alienation and feeling of not belonging to any social group. I was moved by her courage and triumph over her challenges, because I think it’s the invisible fight that is the most difficult to overcome. If all of life’s challenges were physical pain, then there is at least pain killer. Often, the pain is of a spiritual or emotional kind, and those leads us to feel very powerless and helpless, leading to suicide.

The nights entertainment took off when the formidable Erica Sigurdson got on stage. She started talking about the legendary SPANX, and how it will guarantee to ruin any special night out. She was HILARIOUS, the mouse in my head started spinning really quickly because I so want to hire her for my next event.

It was a nurturing and easy-going evening, very different than most fundraisers I have attended. The conversations were not contrived, and were about family, which Bev poignantly pointed out that women upheld above all else. As I drove past Hastings and Main and see the devastation, knowing that Fraserview Hospital makes $2.5 million dollars as a movie set rental. I wonder where our government and to a larger extent where our society’s priorities are. Did you know that 1 in 5 Canadians will experience a mental illness at some point in their lives? For more information, please visit:

St. Patrick’s Day Parade Downtown
















I love parades, and festival, hopefully one day soon I will go see Carnavle in Brazil… since it’s around my birthday time! I went to see the Saint Patrick’s Day Parade downtown, and was thoroughly disappointed at the lack of energy, effort and lack of general fanfare. So after 45 minutes, I opted out and went to see Lorax at Tinseltown, and had a way better time than freezing my butt off on Georgia Street.

Buckman Coe Concert
















Ahh, I have been an obsessive fan of Buckman Coe since I’ve heard him sing live during Siddhartha. I bought his CD right away, and have been listening to it on my iPod. I love his silky voice, but more than that, the lyrics that expresses how I feel about this world. This month was the kick off of his new album and his cross country concert tour, so without a doubt, I convinced my parents to join me at his Vancouver concert. I thought his new album will be in the same genre of music as his last one, easy listening, but the venue was a hole in the wall in East Van. The concert started late, and the music had a distinct ROCK and ROLL feel to it. The folk musician that opened for Buckman was painful, so by the time he actually came up, our patience was all wore out. From what little I did hear, it was GRAND! I just wish I came with friends later in the evening, instead of bringing my parents and showing up on time as the event poster suggested. Lesson learned! Don’t let me tell you who is a good artist, listen for yourself on his

Becoming a Vegetarian

Do you believe in synchronicity? Or divine intervention? I have very strong intuition and believe there are no coincidences in life. It is only the Universe speaking to us, and it’s only myself who chose to ignore or listen.

Anyways, in the span of two weeks, I had four incidences where the Universe was telling me to become a vegetarian. How, you may ask? Well, let me tell you.
My mentor Elijah Ignatieff giving me a book titled Diet For A New America that helped him become vegetarian instantly. My facebook friend Merlin Saint Germain who put up a post to inform everyone who's on his friends list, that if they're still consuming meat and dairy, to unfriend him. Merlin also shared a Harvard Medical Review article that basically states people who consume meat develops Cancer and other illnesses more than vegetarians. My friend Jordan Bober informed me that the meat industry is the most resource demanding industry in the world, and currently United States alone produce enough food to feed the world's population, yet most of that food goes to feed pigs and cows of the meat industry. As countries like China and India becomes wealthier, the meat demand will go up and is really ecologically not sustainable at all.

I have been a vegetarian for two weeks now, and I don’t miss meat at all. I remember feeling of indigestion, greasiness, bloating, gas (like little midgets punch me from the inside) that all came from eating meat, now I feel GOOD after each meal. And it seems more friends are popping up who are either vegan or vegetarian, so they’ve been enlightening and supportive! I resisted lobster eating out at La Gavroche, and the gourmet chicken at the CMHA night (are you proud of me?). I’m glad I don’t have to give up dairy and eggs! If you have any healthy delicious vegetarian recipes, please send my way.

When I tried and failed miserably last time I tried vegetarianism, I didn’t have total buy in from myself. I was doing it as a continuation of my meditation process. Now, I have moral, spiritual, health reasons to become vegetarian, so I will stand strong with my decision and lifestyle choice.

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