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Date: 2015-07-18 05:45:30
Social Butterfly Club Monthly Newsletter Sept2011

Love Project: Siddhartha

A dear friend of mine, Jesai Jayhmes is a profoundly moving actor & director. He invited me to be a part of a splendid live theatre production set within Dr. Sun Yat Sen Chinese Garden late this past summer as the production publicist. Not being familiar with this noble prize winning writing, and only getting to know this play through observation, it was no less special or impactful. This story revolved around a young man’s journey towards finding meaning in his life. He came from a privileged background, well educated, and was very popular in his community. He abandoned all of it to be among the nomads in the trees, discarding all possession for a new life. After several years, he decides to seek another path, as he felt disappointed that he did not find what he was seeking. His path leads him to a beautiful escort who encourages him to become a merchant. His life suddenly becomes much more colourful as he gains more status as a reputable merchant, receiving the attention of the most eligible escort in town, and enjoying the high life money can buy. After years of hedonism on his way to the riverbank to commit suicide, he bumps into his best friend from his youth who has become a Buddhist monk. Siddhartha takes a journey with the ferryman who once showed him kindness, and decides to enjoy the beauty of a simple life and follow the footsteps as a ferryman. In the young man’s last days of his life, he ferries his best friend, the Buddhist monk across the river. In this chance meeting, his friend asks him if he has found the meaning of life, because he himself has been seeking relentlessly and has gone blind and yet has not found. Siddhartha replies, “You’ve been seeking, but have you found?” His friend cries in his arms and with that embrace, love calms and resonates.

The book, and story spoke to me. It said, as human beings, there are a million “righteous paths” to take. Many sacrifices to be made in the name of the path are physical, emotional, or psychological challenges. Yet, when you do finally achieve what you imagine is the goal - the meaning to your life, you might be disappointed. The disconnected feeling cannot be fulfilled with love, sex, wealth, respect, spirituality, etc. The enlightenment is within all of us, and there is nowhere you need to be to achieve. It is a maturity of your soul. When you finally stop seeking outside approval, and go inside to nurture your own soul, you’ll be one step closer to finding the meaning of your life.

The production was gorgeous, and really exciting! The play has a large cast of truly talented actors, dancers, musicians, and acrobats who entertained, and touched us with each word they spoke. See pictures and video at Akasha Arts See interview:


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