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Date: 2012-04-18 23:34:05
Social Butterfly Club Monthly Newsletter June 2011

Happy belated Canada Day!  Are you enjoying the brilliant sunshine like I am?

Car Free Day

One of my favourite things about summer is the various events and festivals that showcase the community spirit, and the progressive lifestyle and beliefs of Vancouver.  This year’s Car Free Day was on Commercial Drive, Main Street, Kits and W. Broadway.  I went to the one on Main Street and enjoyed the bustle of small local shops. One of the coolest things we discovered was a bamboo bicycle. 
The BEAT Beach Ball Concert

Ahhh concerts, who doesn’t love them?  I went to a recent concert with a group of girlfriends and had a blast.  It was the BEAT beach ball concert where 5 popular singers have come under one roof at the Commodore to put on the show.  It was the best mod experience I’ve ever had.  The first act got everyone pumping fists, screaming, singing along and doing the crowd shuffle.  I can see why people enjoy the large crowd experience like sporting events and concerts − a reason to let loose.  

Pirate Takeover

Once a year, boat owners offer sick children and their family a free ride and dress up their boat like a pirate ship.  It was amazing to see the children and their families in full Pirate costume and blowing the horn as they pass us by. 

11 tools to get your start up off the ground

Secrets of Social Media revealed 50 years ago /06/secrets_of_social_media_reveal.html

Smartphone apps that changed the world

WhatsApp: Free chat between any smartphone
Taxinow: use GPS to locate and contact the closest Taxi to your current location, able to get you a taxi within 5 mins.
CamScanner: turn your smartphone into a scanner
Bump: bump your iPhone with another iPhone and you grab each other’s contact info instantly
Flashlight: turn your phone into a bright flashlight, great for walking at night.
Body Language: shows you what body languages mean
Interpret:  tool to interpret languages
Sleep Cycle: helps you wake up naturally
Quick Sleep: a variety of sooth sounds to help you go to sleep
Star Walk: showcases the star system when you use your phone to scan the night sky as seen on iPad commercial
360: take panoramic pictures in 360 degree of any place
Tunein Radio: tune into any radio station around the globe anytime, segmented by genre and language
Shazam: use 60 seconds to locate the song that’s play, showing you the song name, singer, and music label
Gratitude: log 5 things you’re grateful for daily
776 Facts: a great stress release tool, very fun
Cultures: list of cultures and facts about each culture
Survivalguide: great little tool if you’re not a boy scout
25000 Quotes: will make you laugh and cry
Go Try It On: you can take a picture of something you want to buy, but aren’t sure, and this tool can give you immediate feedback via crowd sourcing
Hairstyles: try on over 100 hairstyles : you can take credit or debit payments right on your Smart phone. Free credit card reader, simple downloadable APP, 2.75% fee per swipe or 3.25% for manual transactions. This is awesome if you’ve ever applied to get merchant status. Some banks have a $275 non-refundable application fee whether you’re approved or not.  I found most of these apps by digging around itunes, but the last app I discovered reading July Ono's newsletter!

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