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Date: 2012-04-18 22:56:45
Social Butterfly Club Monthly Newsletter Aug 2011

I'm so sorry my newsletters are late..... I must confess, life has been very busy and fulfilling.  I didn't go anywhere for vacation this summer, but have been productive volunteering quite a bit with Working Gear.  My friend Stanley and I spend one Saturday adding shelves to the existing Working Gear shop to increase shelf space for all the men's clothing.  One big piece of good news: Working Gear received a donation of $10,000 from Worker's Safe!  Now they're busy looking for a new space.  So if you know of any place around Chinatown or Gastown that is at least 1500 sq feet, that is ground level, close to skytrain and bus, and that will take $800 for monthly lease, let me know asap because we're busting at the seams.

Don & Jessie' Wedding

My magician friend, Don called me out of the blue and invited me to his wedding which was seven days away. At that point he only had the restaurant and flowers confirmed!  I was flabbergasted at his haste and gusto in getting married in such fashion, and tried my best to hook him up with my trusted suppliers.  I attended the reception with my friend, Jeremy who had never been to a Chinese Wedding, so it was very entertaining and educational for him.  Since the food came in separate dishes over a period of time, he got really hungry, and asked the waitress to bring up the food faster, to which I could only shake my head and laugh. 

It was one of the most chilled and relaxed wedding reception I’ve attended.  They planned lots of fun games so the guests were able to interact and have fun.  This was the third wedding that I’ve attended where the single people were not interested in catching the bouquet or the garter belt.  What does that say about the popularity of marriage today?!

My friend Raymond Chou from Vivid Moments stepped up to the plate to help Don and Jessie capture their big day. I absolutely loved their pictures.  They looked genuinely happy and in love.  I wish them a long life full of joy and patience!  Jessie was a beautiful bride in her various outfits.   

Zeitgeist Movement

Hey, watch this movie when you can and tell me what you think. It’s almost 3 hours but trust me it’s worth it.

“FLAB TO FIT” CONTEST benefiting Covenant House

OVERVIEW:  12 to 30 Contestants are given six weeks of training, programming and nutritional coaching.  Each contestant will donate a $50 (?) entrance fee.  The training will be conducted twice a week for six weeks in the evening at a chosen location.  Every week, the contestants’ progress will be monitored and recorded.  Throughout the training, they will be interviewed and photographed to provide a human side of the story of how each person overcomes his own hurdles for building health, strength and confidence.
TRAINER:  Doug Setter, BSc. of 2nd Wind Body Science Personal Training.  Doug has taught over 400 fitness trainees in stomach flattening, women’s cardio kick-boxing and kick-boxing, as well as over 300 trainees in the military.  He is a qualified fitness instructor, including Pilates Mat Level I, aerobics and resistance training.  He has competed in full contact Kung Fu in Hong Kong and at age 40, Doug won a welter weight kick-boxing championship in Manitoba.  He has also climbed Mount Rainier and completed five full marathons.

If you're interested in entering this contest, please email Doug directly:  778-837-3528,
Sade Concert

John Legend opened the concert for Sade and his silky smooth voice, melted our hearts!  I have listened and loved Sade's music and performance for a long time...  so I was very excited to see her live in concert in August at Roger's Arena.  The crowd was very diverse in age and walk of life.  It had a distinctive relaxed tone.  It was not one of those “scream at the top of your lungs”, dancing the whole time type of concert.  It was a visual and auditory delight, like a sumptuous dessert that you've enjoyed with your best friend for over an hour.

I was impressed with how they used graphic projections to create the mood in the arena, as most concerts use lights, pyrotechnics, staging, sets, curtains and costume.  Sade only wore 2 outfits - most of the time a man's suit without the blazer, then barefoot in a stunning evening gown.  My original impression of Sade was that she was a glamorous star with the voice of an angel who lives and dies in fabulous clothes like Diana Ross and Mariah Carey.  Now that I've seen her, she seems really down to earth and a tomboy.  Funny how the media can package people huh!

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