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Date: 2012-04-18 23:12:56
Social Butterfly Club Monthly Newsletter July 2011

Hawaiian Celebration

July Ono and Steve Cain have been amazing mentors and dear friends of mine for the past 8 years.  I would have never started Gracious Host Events or Social Butterfly Club without their inspiration and guidance.  So when it came time to celebrate their third year wedding anniversary and 10 years of commitment to each other, I was thrilled to be the Event Coordinator for the big party.

On July 8th, more than 100 people came out to enjoy a delicious Hawaiian style bash with buffet, roving magician, Luau dancers, leis and games.  The limbo and snowball game got everyone on the floor partying it up! 

Here's the link to view the slideshow at private gallery or type in /18007165_xh2334#1380094050_7RD9p5k and type in the password "snowball"

Mom’s VCC Concert
My mother has been involved with a local Chinese choir for the past 6 years, and has come a long way in her singing ability and stage presence.  On July 15th, she performed, along with friends, to a crowd of 300 people for a private concert at the Vancouver Community College on Broadway.  I volunteered as front house.
I love the PNE. My very first job was selling lemonade at Playland, so I have fond memories of going on rides and receiving my first "Employee Recognition”.  I really like the PNE summer concerts - last summer I saw the Gypsy Kings in concert!  This summer, I saw young modern dancers perform; experienced a mini city made up of shipping containers and an amazing metal dragon; ate world famous ribs that were too salty for my taste.  I did really enjoy the Beijing acrobat show. They're breathtaking in their stunts; so were the motor cross daredevils!  My favourite part has to be the cute sand sculptures made in the theme of cartoons, as well as the fun sculptures made from food cans by Vancouver Food Bank.  Kudos to the food bank for thinking outside the box in attracting eye balls to their cause.
What did you do in this heatless summer? Curious mind wants to know.
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