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Date: 2007-11-05 00:38:54
Social Butterfly Club Monthly Newsletter -June 06

Montreal Love Affair

I went on a 6 day vacation in Montreal, and fell in love with this strange yet lovely city. Montreal is an European city that maintains the North American mindset. Everyone spoke French, and you felt like you’ve gone to another country. I really loved the architecture of the city with the brick houses all next to each other with their famous stairways. I also loved all the greenery in and around the city.

Somethings were not right….their streets do not have traffic lines or cross walks, and no one yields and everyone jay walks. Apparently for 55% tax, they’re not getting much, because their medical system have long waiting time, and the streets have pot holes that can trap a small sports car.

I did the usual touristy thing, visiting the Quebec museum of Civilization (Snore), tried to eat Poutine ( was disguisted by the mysterous squishy cheese), and really fell head over hells over Montreal smoke meat sandwich. They’re juicy, delicious and quick, not to mention very economical between long window shopping trips. I’ve heard that Montreal is the fashion and night life capital of Canada, so I went shopping…. Maybe I wasn’t shopping at the right place, but I did find a variety of clothing, purse and shoes options. It seems that if you’re 18 and have limited budget, Montreal is heaven. They have a lot of club and street wear, and impractical shoe selection.

What is really shocking is the number of strip joints and sex stores in and around Montreal. Not only are they abundant, they put on the biggest neon signs and have hustlers outside to attract customers. I went into a strip club just to see what they are, as I’ve gone to Vancouver’s Brandi’s Strip Club for the novelty effect. The club is full, with a lot of different women walking around half naked, and each women gets to go up to do a song. Most of them can’t strip or dance and aren’t that pretty, very different from the strippers from Vancouver.

I did go see Notre Dame Church, and wasn’t really wowed by it. Although the $4 ticket, and $6 candle lighting fee shocked me. It felt like a place where drag queens went nuts with their decorations. Everything inside that church screams drama (The fancy wooden staircase to the balcony for example)

If you love that old cobble stone streets with the cute shops, with big bearded men in hats serving you in French, Montreal is the city for you on your next vacation. I quite enjoyed my experience.

It’s a small world after all
Do you have family or friends abroad? I was recently introduced to a website for online photo sharing that is an experience. Instead of sending pictures via email or file transfer, go to you’re allowed about 6 pictures per month as a free member, but for a small annual fee, you can upload unlimited photos for the world to see. I really enjoy my friend Dixon Tam’s photos, and I found a guy name DFE (Dave something) who takes absolutely amazing photos on his journeys through the orient of Thailand, HK, Malaysia, etc.. As you become a member you get notices in your inbox when your friends upload new photos. Another website does that as well for free but with less artistic members at but you can upload all your photos for free.

Are you talking to me?
How much are you paying for long distance? I don’t know who I’ve been talking to, but I pay average about $15-20 a month on long distance, and it’s all within North America. I don’t have to worry about that anymore, now that I have Skype! is useful for talking between pcs, but with it’s new skypeout function, you can forward the calls to your usual landline and cell to avoid long distance charges until the end of year. I’ve used it along with webcam conversation and it’s a beauty to see in action.

Voyeurism: Reality TV at it’s Best
Are you sick of the crap on TV, that politically correct mumble jumble, with good looking people doing stupid stuff? I have way better way to spend my time since my discovery of It’s free to sign up and upload your own videos, but you can watch some crazy funny stuff here! Go to watch video, and click on Top Favorites. Here are my favorites:
1) Urban Nanja (Kung-Fu moves that’ll make Jet Lee look weak)
2) Evolution of Dance (the hussel to hammer time to rave, this white guy can dance)
3) 5 Feet (awesome high school girl formation R & B dance)
4) Crazy Asian Mother by Erick Liang (watch the 20 mins version, it’s halirious)
5) Human Beatbox
6) World without Romania (quick history lesson)
7) Korean Salsa (Street fighter style)

I’ve uploaded my Zip Trak video on YouTube, and will upload my video driving around Montreal soon.

The Tipping Point
I read this book in 2 nights, and it made so much sense. It talks about the physics of word of mouth advertising and how any epidemic occurs. The author points out that small changes in the environment can cause great effects (ex: STD, Crime, High school shootings, fashion trends) The success of epidemic relies on Mavens (ppl who are the first to try things and explain it to their friends), Connectors (people who have large network of contacts and travel easily between different circles), and Salesman (people who explain to the layman the relevance of innovative products and services)
When I read that, a light bulb light up in my head. I’m a Maven and a Connector. It’s no wonder that all sorts of opportunity lands in my lap before anyone else does. I like new things, and love to share it with my contacts, and have an innate desire to help others. I don’t know how much of a salesman I am, but I’m pretty good at conveying my emotions and affect the people around me with enthusiasm for something I’m passionate about.
If you believe traditional advertising is dead, and word of mouth is the way of the future, then this is the best $26 you’ll spend. It’s on sale right now at Chapters.

Smart Women Finish Rich

I just came back from a seminar called "Smart Women Finish Rich" titled after David Bach's best selling book of the same title. I had some interesting take aways:

Did you know that
-Women purchase 53% of all stocks sold in North America
-Women have out performed male investors 9 out of the last 12 years due to their ability to commit.
-Women own 700,000 businesses.
-Women entrepreneurs start businesses 3 times the rate of men.
-Women's investment have 21% return vs. 16% returns of men's investment.

Bad News:
-Women live 7 years longer than men.
-One in two marriages end in divorce.

So follow the 7 steps to living and finishing Rich
1) Learn to Earn
2) Put Your money wehre your values are
3) Figure out where you stand financially
4) Build Your retirement basket
5) Use the power of the latte factor
6) Build Your security basket
7) Build your dream basket

I won the book smart women finish rich tonight because I was couragous enought to cut up my if I find more goodies, I'll share with you later. Big thanks to Jason Low of Edward Jones for the invite. They have another seminar with complimentary luncheon this sat.

"Why Global, Why Now?"
Speaker: Cinnamon Russell
Sat, June 3, 2006 12noon-1pm
Edward Jones Burnaby Office
3790 Canada way, #101A
Burnaby BC
Contact: Anna Wong at 604 433-7207

Speakers of the House Toastmaster 20th Anniversary Celebration
Wed, May 31, 2006 12noon-1pm
Party food, speeches from Mike Robinson (Regional Governor), table topics and lots more! (I'll be there to give a 7 mins speech on TM)
Boardroom on 2nd Floor, 4330 Kingsway
Greater Vancouver Regional District Burnaby Office
Burnaby, B.C. V5H 4G8
Cost: Complimentary
Phone: Jeff 604-436-6913 or Michael Coombs 451-6620/Cel 728-2521


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