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Date: 2007-11-05 00:33:12
Social Butterfly Club Monthly Newsletter -July06

  Trip to Prince George

I had the honor to attend an intimate wedding (my boyfriend’s old band mate and good friend, getting married to the girl he’s been with for the last 8 years) and spent 4 days in Prince George, enjoying the easy going backyard BBQ, goofing around with new friends, going down stream on a tube in the hot sun. I was rather apprehensive about going, having heard the rumours of random violence, senseless fighting and racial discrimination, but my experience was the total opposite. Although I was only one of the five Asians in town, no one treated me differently. They have a very different lifestyle there, work hard, make a decent income and spend the rest of the time with family, friends and vacationing.

One thing I have learned about the difference between Asian families and Caucasian families is how the phrase ‘family values’ means very different things. In each culture Asian families do everything together: eating, shopping, vacationing, and most importantly meddling in each other’s business (doesn’t it remind you of the movie my big fat Greek wedding?). When someone is giving you criticism and direct feedback instead of a pat on the back, it is a display of intimacy and care. Compared to the gentle phone calls, greeting cards and the pleasant Holiday gatherings most Caucasian families display. Most North Americans will never understand why Asian people seem to be rude and yell at each other in public. Whereas we enjoy chatting over each other and are uncomfortable with silence and space between people’s utterances. A term in Mandarin “Rer Nao” is much cherished, meaning lots of noise from a full house (hence a big family with lots of kids), it is the ultimate measure of family success. A harmonious but busy household.

Wedding Planning Tips

I know a neat couple getting married this month on Aug 26th: Robert Sanzalone and his girlfriend Fumi! I’m so happy for them, as they’re truly a good match and both will push each other further in life. My advice to their own wedding planning was:
1) Never tell any suppliers it is a wedding, as most event suppliers hate to deal with nervous first time brides and charge 300% mark up.
2) Get the best friends together and see who has talent you can utilize. If your aunt is a good cook, or can do flower arrangement, etc. My boyfriend Dave played classical guitar at his friends wedding with very warm reception.
3) The trend lately has been leaning towards smaller weddings or destination weddings, instead of the big weddings. Also more and more people are second time bride and grooms so they do not need a lavish affair.
4) Create a check list, so you don’t become a nervous wreck the week of the wedding.
5) Beware of suppliers changing their price two weeks prior, so have all contracts signed instead of relying on verbal agreements.

ps: The 17th caller to Gracious Host Events will win $50 value one hour personal fitness training courtesy of Dan Meze of Fitness on the Go! So call now.

Wealth Creation

I have come to the conclusion that my business will one day make me rich but it probably won’t make me wealthy. Real Estate will do that. I have many friends who have become financially free from investing in real estate, and I think I’ve finally understood why they’re so passionate about it.

The Vancouver real estate marketing has been going crazy for the last several years, and currently most provinces are looking good. I asked my mentor July Ono who runs 5 businesses, and has multi-million dollar portfolio where I should start with Real Estate, and she suggested reading Robert Allen’s “No Money Down” and Rich Dad Poor Dad’s real estate investing book.

I remember watching Chris Rock (Stand up comedian) and he explained the difference between Rich and Wealthy. Rich is Shaq O’Neal, Wealthy is the person who signs Shaq’s cheques. That really struck a cord with me. It taught me to build systems of wealth creation that requires nothing from me to operate.

Wishing you financial freedom sooner than later!

Summer Fun in the Sun Bikini Boat Cruise

We just had our Bikini Cruise last Saturday with tremendous success. ‘Channel M’ came and filmed the whole affair, ‘24 Hrs’ came to take pictures, and our pictures will also be showcased in the Sept issue of ‘Out and About’ in the ‘Vancouver View’. The show was jaw dropping gorgeous with very leading edge local designers: ‘Ceaswim’ and beautiful lingerie and designer jeans from ‘Modern Love!’ We could not have had better weather with the sun beaming, music pumping, and yummy pineapple chicken skewers and shark energy drinks to keep our spirits up, everyone was a happy. People got really excited when it came time to win some door prizes, as we’re giving away trip for 2 White Water Rafting trips, Private Fitness Training by ‘Fitness on the Go’, and Dinner for 2 at ‘Ambrozia’ and ‘Federico’s Supper Club’, etc…
At the end of the event, I had guests kissing me asking to extend the cruise for longer, and media wanting to come back for our next trip. Won’t you join us too? Read next Thursday's Georgia Straight in the Fashion Section, you'll see pictures of our event. You can also find pictures at

New Princing: Sat, Aug 19th Bikini Cruise
$45 until Aug 14
$55 from Aug 14-17
$65 from Aug 17-19
‘The Beat 94.5’ will be at this event.

Sat, Aug 26th Bikini Cruise
$45 now until Aug14
$55 Aug 15-21
$65 Aug 22-26
Fashion editor of Westender will be attending this one

Quote of the Month:

"I can feel guilty about the past, apprehensive about the future, but only in the present can I act. The ability to be in the present moment is a major component of mental wellness."

Abraham Maslow
1908-1970, Psychologist
Don't miss the boat on 19th or 26th! Alice

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