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Date: 2016-08-06 22:49:42
Social Butterfly Club Monthly Newsletter: Jul 2016

Social Butterfly Club App!

I am setting up a smartphone app business directory for the exclusive use of Social Butterfly Club members.

The app is designed to help promote and support members businesses and services within the SBC community, with authentic reviews and recommendations from our members.

It's Free to join, but I would encourage that you offer an exclusive "discount" or " perk" for SB members, that will be highlighted in a discount section of the app.

Please let me know by August 15th if you would like your business not to be included the directory.  By not contacting us, I assume you give us permission to add you to the directory. 

7th Annual LOUD Scholarship Award

On a serene sunny June evening, a beautiful crowd converged at the stunning Telus Garden. Located at the roof top of the downtown Telus building, with a panoramic view with the latest minimalist furnishing and high tech patio fireplace.  A crowd of about 150 people from the LGBTQ community, with a more business slant in sharp suits and cocktail dresses were celebrating the recipients of the 2016 LOUD scholarship.

(This photo is the winner of the LOUD core team with 2015's scholarship award winners)

It was a well-supported event with generous sponsors like Telus, The Lazy Gourmet, Westender and TD Bank.  Caryl Dolinko, the Master of Ceremonies guided the guests through the event with her usual acerbic sarcasm and kept the mood light.  The 10 chosen recipients were all youngsters before the age of 25, so they looked ecstatic to receive the scholarship. Hope was beaming out of their eyes as collectively, they received ten scholarships totaling $19,000.  

Scholarship Awards, all for the amount of $2000 except for Little Sisters’ Award. 

Jotika Samant - Pride Youth.

Blake Hawkins - Pride Youth.

Madeline Goodman - Pride Youth.

Aidan Bancroft - Gina Best Scholarship. (Gina unable to attend so presented by Charlene Prevatt)

Alan J Chaffe - Barajas-Reese Scholarship. (Kasey and Javier unable to attend, presented by Victor Ryan 2015 recipient)

Alison Montminy - WESA Scholarship.

Daniel Almeida - Adrian de Vries Scholarship.

Jaedyn Starr - Little Sisters’ $1000

Alison MacLeod - Jim Deva Memorial.

Kara Taylor - Jim Deva Memorial.

There was a lot of laughter, teasing, hollering and joking around and of course photo taking.  I was able to speak to some of the winners after the circus that was photo time with winners.  I spoke with Jotika Samant who is going to take an integrated program at Langara College that combines Yoga, Auyervedic healing, naturopathic modalities for overall healing which she was really excited about.  I also spoke with Jaedyn from Victoria who was going to University of Victoria for her Masters Degree in business. She plans to become a business consultant, that will bring more awareness in policy setting and customer service in their dealing with the LGBTQ community. She said winning the award is a huge recognition from her own community and it means a lot to her, of course the scholarship money is great so she may able to fulfill her dream.  Another young scholarship recipient AJ  from Vancouver Island works as a program coordinator for suicide prevention at the Boys and Girls Club, which started a club specifically to support LGBTQ youth which has seen great results. She shared with me some heart breaking realities these LGBTQ youth face with self harm, not being accepted in their own home or community, and having no role models or friends they could ask advice.  She will use the scholarship and pursue higher education in order to become a social worker.  I find it so inspiring to speak to these diverse groups of youth full of dreams, and real courage in the face of adversity to create a more positive world for others that come after them.

I also was lucky enough to speak with the founder of this organization, a very handsome silver haired Realtor who informed me that all the board members paid for their own ticket to this event. For the past 30 years of its existence, the organization has empowered many youths to achieve their dreams.  When asked the what was the impetus for the start of this organization, he said there weren't many support systems when he was growing up. He was lucky his family was very loving and accepting of his lifestyle, but many youth today especially from immigrant families still face many obstacles simply due to their parent's ignorance.  Once the families get to know the LGBTQ community, the fear goes away and they know their sons and daughters are okay.  It was designed to leave a legacy and build a more vibrant, healthier LGBTQ community.   

It was a delicious event in a chic setting that empowers and bring awareness of the great work all the youth are doing in the LGBTQ community all over British Columbia.  You could see proud parents and friends cheering them on as they got their awards.  I was thrilled to enjoy the glorious sunset and hear stories about them.  I'm very encouraged to see the great work that local grassroots organization such as LOUD is doing to build stronger community for the future.  I was very happy to have met the founder and enthusiastic board member Graham Boyd who was playing host to all the guests.

ABOUT LOUD: Over the 30 years of its existence, this well-established LGBTQ organization  (formerly the Gay & Lesbian Business Association of BC) has grown more diverse and in recent years re-branded as LOUD Business, (Leadership, Opportunity, Unity and Diversity) focusing on three pillars: Community, Networking and Philanthropy. LOUD is an association of businesses, employees and community groups that support the LGBTQ community with products and services. Its philanthropic arm is known as the LOUD Foundation.

The LOUD Foundation invests in future leaders of the Canadian LGBTQ and allies community. 

We believe that by supporting the development of students who possess drive, vision, compassion and knowledge, we can improve society and increase awareness of our diverse community.

Each year the Foundation raises money from individual donors, community groups (Pride Society & Vancouver Frontrunners, West End Slow-pitch Association) and for the Jim Deva Memorial Fund.

100% of funds donated to the charitable foundation are distributed as scholarships or retained for future years. All costs of the LOUD Foundation are borne by LOUD Business.  Find out more, please visit

Arkaya Yoga Foundational Weekend

I attended an amazing yoga weekend full of breathing exercise, combined with yoga and vedic education led by the Matriye Yogachorini.  I met incredible people and had a wonderful time and felt fantastic and grounded after the weekend.  Find more offerings at 

                                      Mad Hatter Goes to India Party

Check out all the exquisite photos of the outdoor garden party for Mad Hatter goes to India in my friend Michele Hall's video: 

                                        Awakened Women 

I was invited to participate in a live art installation where 200 women will be dancing nude at Jericho Beach last weekend, sounded great so I went and spent a blissful day connecting with intelligent heart centred conscious women talking about the dynamics between men and women, the current transition and paradigm shift in our thinking, and the role of women.  We then had a ceremony and had a guided kundalini dance before hitting the beach for a sunset photoshoot before watching Disney's fireworks.  That's the best way to spend a Saturday in summer.  Check out Phoenix Muranetz at the upcoming Awakened Women Conference in Bali

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