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Date: 2016-06-07 12:05:58
Social Butterfly Club Monthly Newsletter: Apr 2016

 Thrive without Dairy

Sunday, April 3rd, about 150 people piled into the Alice McKay room in the Vancouver Public Library downtown to experience an event called “Thrive without Dairy”. The two headliners were two famous female authors that have gained minor celebrity with their books. One is a local doctor and nutritionist in her 70's name Vesanto Melina, another a scientist from Montreal Elise Desaulniers.

It was an exciting afternoon broken up into two portions, first half hearing from these two speakers. We then watched a documentary, followed by lots of food sampling, which was the highlight for everyone. There were many vendors offering non-dairy cheese, cream cheese, cheese cake,  milk replacements like rice milk etc, in addition to ice cream and a variety of dip.  

Elise Desaulniers.

Vesanto Melina

My mind was blown by some of the things I learned at this half day event, the cruelty of modern food production, and how dairy products are made. I was so surprised at how delicious all the food samples were, they're tasty, and fairly affordable.  I bought a book on food allergies written by Vesanto Melina.

Parker Salon 2016

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