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Date: 2016-05-11 15:05:56
Social Butterfly Club Monthly Newsletter: Mar 2016

Getting out of the Pirate Room at i-Exit

I went with the #YVRBloggers for a game at i-exit last week and enjoyed it throughly.  A European style exit game with 4 different theme rooms: Las Vegas, Pirates, Matrix and Party in the studio.  This place is located on the second floor of 1129 Granville Street (between Davie and Helmecken) designed and created by owner Thomas Strem who is passionate about exit games and played many across Europe.  Thomas and his staff were very friendly and helpful which made the game more enjoyable.  This game is not scary, so family friendly that you could take children age 5 and up to join.  Cost is $30 for one hour, and you get 4 clues within the hour.  Our team of 5 got 90% of the way through the 3 room series in the Pirates theme, it was thrilling and exciting and we had to use all our various skills to solve these puzzles.  This was my second time, first time I came with one guy friend who was very engineering minded and was brilliant at solving problems, so we breezed through and got through all 3 rooms in the Las Vegas theme within the hour.  There were a lot of surprises, and it was a lot of team work which made it fun and exciting.  The pressure to get it done within the hour was always in the back of your mind.  I found this to be a really bonding experience, as you share information and talk with your team members to work towards a common goal.  The comradery was amazing!

We all had a blast, I highly recommend you book your next Birthday Party or team building event with them, unlike some exit games focus with a horror theme, this one is suitable for everyone.  Thomas told us they often have whole families with young children come and enjoy it all together. Check it out at  or call 778 379-8828 

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