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Date: 2015-03-01 12:27:48
Social Butterfly Club Monthly Newsletter Feb 2015

 DIVA Blowout Sale

My friend Zubin asked me to help him with his fashion blowout sale on Sunday night, by Monday morning we had a full on fashion photo shoot with 8 models with professional hair styling and make up!   It was a hoot as I directed our models to be as creative and to have as much fun as possible.  I didn't want them to look like they're constipated like most fashion models.  I was thrilled with the result, became joy was on their face and it's genuine.  By Tuesday we put up our facebook event and begin promotion.  It absolutely floored me how much amazing support all our friends gave us over the course of that week, some shared our event and put it on their timeline, some forwarded our text message onwards, and some came to volunteer to be our staff and others came to shop and brought friends!  Every night was a party, especially Friday night, where we had complimentary henna by the lovely ladies at Indian Brow & Henna and with live music from Allan.  It was a week of steep learning, my mentor Sandi Graham owned 17 high end retail shops for decades, and came to help us price, sort, and arrange display, and taught us a few tricks when it came to retail sales.  Who knew putting the most expensive items closest to the door is the ticket to success?! Or throwing in a free wrap will land you the big ticket item sales.  Both Zubin and I worked like dogs, cleaning up the penthouse, renting the clothing racks, hangers, steaming all the clothes, hanging them, arranging display took a lot of time and effort.  We learned that Feb was the worst retail month, considering it all, we did pretty well.  Zubin was saying he has never worked so hard and made so little money, since he's a highly paid IT professional, and all this fashion stuff was left over from his Dad's boutique store from Toronto that was in his storage that needed to clear out.  I'm grateful for the opportunity to co-create with my friends, deepen our friendship by the hours spent on chatting and getting to know each other more by working together, and learning that I will stay away from fashion retailing, as it's totally different than putting on a fashion show.  My respect for all retailers went up sky high!

                          Kawehi Concert at Electric Owl

I discovered Kawehi online, and totally fell head over heels for her incredible voice, but even more so her creative and mind blowing music videos!  She has range and humour and is super down to earth.  So on Feb 28th, I took a good friend and went to check out her first live performance at the Electric Owl.  She is even funnier in person as she set up her musical genre using looping machine and became singing in lyrics by all the biggest pop singers like Britney Spears, Bruno Mars, Boyonce, Justin Timberlake, Michael Jackson, etc.  Her voice is distinctive, blended with her electronic textured rich sound, it was gourmet food for the ears.  The whole crowd loved it and was grooving along, and when she did finish, everyone hooted and hollars for an encore so she came back and sang a Michael Jackson song.  I was touched by her one women performance, live producing these songs right in front of our eyes, recording base, back up sound, each layering making it more juicy and exciting, then finally adding her incredible belting of high notes to bring the crowd to a climax.  She was very confident and natural, even playing her guitar and she was smiling the whole time, and thoroughly enjoying her craft.  I'm sure pretty soon Kawehi will be BIG star and we won't able to see her for only $15 with a crowd of 250, but at a big stadium.  She was very kind to take photos and thank all her fans in person and have a quick chat with each.  I did take a photo with her, unfortunately it was a cell phone camera and we look like vampires.  Check out her music at

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