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Date: 2014-12-13 01:38:46
Social Butterfly Club Monthly Newsletter Dec 2014

OMG Social Media Conference 2014

Expert panels, in depth how tos with a focus on "WHY" and "Meaningful connection", SEO combined with engagement focused social media, and 200+ people in fancy suits and nice heels ferociously typing away on their smartphone, macbook pro and ipad/tablet.

Here is the lovely Emily Chow from Chow Communications talking about many components are necessary to increase conversion.  She says that your customers are not a magical unicorn, they're probably very similar to yourself.  She also says that good SEOed website along with Social Media is a killer combo.  You must think of the website as the mothership and use the various social media channels to drive traffic to the website to close the sale.  Make sure testimonials, past clients, awards and accolades are all on the home page that is easy to read in a pleasing matter.  Because you have 3 seconds to make a positive impression and that's it, and people don't want to scroll down.

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Ada Juristovski coaching us about Social Selling: How to do it.  Well. Without Being a Creep. @AdaJuri She suggested to think outside the box to find sales leads.  Ex: find using Twitter who's having a bad day and offer them something to cheer up their day.20141120_152006



Cijaye Depradine delivered a great hour on  "Scoring Secrets to Success" @imcijaye, you can download her whole presentation at 20141120_141304 20141120_141000


Panel of experts talking about Social Media Trends in 2015 with Bosco Anthony @boscoanthony Conner Galway @Conner_G, and Sunny Lenarduzzi @SunnyLenarduzzi, moderated by Damon Holowchak from Donnelly Group @DamonD

The Organization



Leysley Yuen @lessyyuen, Cindy Cheung @cyndicheng and Salina Siu @salinasiu giving the closing speech

OMG, a name that plays on the online acronyms that have become social norms in our lives, is short for Online Media Generation. The generation we are referring to is characterized by those who are lucky enough to have grown up during the social media revolution and interact on social media platforms on a non-stop basis. As we can see around us, social media is quickly becoming a major part in business functions beyond sales and marketing like customer service, product development and human resources.

OMG was created because we see how critical is it for small business owners to understand social media. We want the Online Media Generation to share their knowledge on social media and make everyone part of the Online Media Generation.

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