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Date: 2014-12-13 01:38:23
Social Butterfly Club Monthly Newsletter Oct 2014

 Sam Sullivan's Public Salon May 2014

2014-05 Public Salon-23

Photos courtesy of Minaz Kurji

Omar Arbel

He spoke about how our much cherished heritage buildings are mostly built on wood, which deteriorates and can’t really be salvaged. He wants to explore form and break out of the boxiness of both commercial and residential building. One example is the lily pad form he had installed that span 3 levels in a home he built.

2014-05 Public Salon-9

Jack Austin

His famous line “I knew Arthur Lane before he was a bridge” got everyone roaring in their seats. Recounting a lot of the behind the scenes about politics from the 70’s and 80’s.

Christopher Gaze

2014-05 Public Salon-15

What a charmer, his years of training and performance as a Shakespearean actor came into full effect with his long and complicated opening monologue. He showcased the intricacy of Shakespeare's deft usage of the English language, and the layered emotions. Christopher’s charm and delivery had us in stitches, laughing and hanging on his every word as he shared tidbits about the journey of him starting Bard on the Beach festival in 1975.

Tasha Guenther

A young lady who bravely shared her deep personal battle with eating disorder. Providing all of us insight what a day in the life is like for a young women who is constantly worried about what others are seeing and thinking. It’s miraculous that Tasha is looking very healthy, and pretty as a 23 years old university student.


Dr. Shimi Kang

2014-05 Public Salon-8

An elegant and graceful woman, if I didn’t know any better, I would think a TV broadcaster walked onto the stage. She shared the current paradigm of the “tiger” parenting style is actually harmful to the development of our children and introduces the dolphin way of parenting. Balance is a day in and day out achievement, and don’t be hard on yourself when you drop the ball. She expressed her gratitude for her amazing supporting system including her husband, family and community so she can pursue higher education, a thriving business and 3 happy kids with a loving husband.

Sarah Maitland

She was the most hilarious speaker of the night, spending most of it talking about her evil cat who attacks her all the time. She did talk about her organization for Writer’s Exchange and how important it is. Writer’s Exchange has helped increase children’s literacy and helped publish numerous books written by children.

Lauren Mote

2014-05 Public Salon-21

She’s a bar owner and veteran bartender, she talked about some of the best bars in the world, being a hub of community. Her gift of hospitality really sparkled with her ability to gab and connect on a very personal level. Her sense of gratitude was apparent for the level of success she and her partners have experienced with their business.

Ben Sparrow

2014-05 Public Salon-11

A scientist and innovator, who is bringing solutions with his company Saltworks to treat water from mining, oil and gas to create a more sustainable future. He shared about inventing in his living room, building a solid team of passionate people, and asking us not to lose hope on the subject of environment.

2014-05 Public Salon-4 2014-05 Public Salon-3


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