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Date: 2007-09-05 20:00:36
Social Butterfly Club Monthly Newsletter - June 07

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June 2007


HAPPY CANADA DAY! Did you enjoy the sunshine and watch parades? I spent the weekend helping my fiance move into his new office in Gastown. I also had a chance to visit Richmond's night market and won 4 baby gold fish from the game "Go Fish", not bad for $5 investment.


Global Chinese Media Summit

June 1st & 2nd was the Global Chinese Media Summit at the Richmond Executive Airport Hotel, where the CBC, the Georgia Straight and many other important media editors, owners, and managers met and shared their thoughts on various topics.

It became quite apparent that most of the Chinese overseas media, wheather they operate in the US, Canada or Europe, or Japan have a difficult time. Often they have to branch out into other industries just to survive. One media company in Texas, operates a print express- because no printer will print their daily newspaper. The onset of the internet is a huge threat to the media industry in China, and has created more instant multi-millionaires in the past few years. Media consumers are finding their information online, and the quick turn around of the internet is outshining the paper based format.

Some issues that plague the media are quality of content, as most workers in media aren’t paid very well, and they’re overworked and lacking in further career training. Copywriting is also an issue, good content can be seen in various papers with slightly different wording.

I found out from my source, that the people who are mainly working in Chinese media locally gets paid about $1500 monthly flat rate, and they are usually highly qualified media professionals from Asia with experience working in established television or other networks.

MLA Jenny Kwan’s speech brought back into focus for me what role these media play. They were pivotal in moving forward the repayment and apology for the head tax from the federal government to earlier Chinese immigrants, they also campaigned to make BBQ Pork legal to sell in Canada, and also to educate the Chinese about the various politicians during an election to get more involvement and voting turnout.

The magazine “Immigrant” was sold last September to a media chain for a nice chuck of change, the multi-cultural segment of Canadian society is growing quite quickly and the mainstream is beginning to sit up and take notice. The tremendous growth of various ethnic media in East Indian, Korean, Japanese, and Chinese communities is a sign of change reflecting the current social make up. I hope this growth gives voice to those who constantly live in survival mode: the feeling that “my education, accent, or dress is not good enough” to fit in with Canadian society, and help them realize that we were all outsiders once. Charlie Smith from the Georgia Straight who was a keynote speaker at the conference, was a man hungry to write about the human rights issue, and injustice for immigrants, etc.

How profit killed the “Cure”
I was at my most recent mastermind group meeting, and one of our member is a NLP and Kinesiology practitioner, Ann Linden. Over dinner, she mentions to us she attended a seminar and learned about this doctor in Germany who discovered that Cancer is caused by trauma. He has collected data and found that certain type of trauma causes certain type of cancer, and it’s pretty predictable. Not only is this doctor’s theories not published due to his university’s refusal of review it, his doctor’s license has been revoked for his revolutionary thinking. Richard Casavant, another member replied, it’s Galileo all over again, but this time the big pharmaceuticals are the church. Another member of the mastermind group chimes in and explains that the big pharmaceutical companies funds the politicians, which creates policies for drug regulation etc…. Did you know, that natural products may not add the wording “may cure..” in their label. Even thought for thousands of years, these natural ingredients have been curing illnesses. Only approved drugs may use the term cure. What a strange world we live in that people can trademark 28 of the hundreds of yoga moves into Bikram Yoga, and pharmaceutical companies can claim ownership to the term “Cure”.

This reminds me of the movie “Thank you for smoking”, how everything in this world is about perspective. I wonder what strategies are plotted with those in power! How will they deal with the onset of the baby boomers?

Cause & Effect

I learned from Dr. Michael Friedman that the modern human body is not designed for the level of stress (financial worry, job stability, etc) we have today. Our body is designed to protect us from the elements and animal attacks, not how to deal with a computer meltdown or divorce.

Isn’t it strange that our school system teaches us Calculus, Birth Control, and Science, yet no one ever in high school or University teaches you how to deal with your parent’s divorce, harassment, sexual assault (which 40% of women face), end of a relationship, micro-managing boss or student loan. I remember in university during an internship, when one big boss touched me in appropriately, the level of shame and anxiety it caused. I went to the school counselor, and after spelling my guts, all he could say was “It’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey”, or kept asking me “ how do you feel about this situation?”. I really felt like punching him in the head, and asking him how he feels about the situation. People come to those with expertise to learn new skills to resolve a problem. Not to explore their psychological state of mind in a philosophical way. Imagine what our societies would be like when we as human are taught to deal with our feelings, manage them in healthy ways! Will that resolve the first nation’s dependence on alcohol and drugs, and decrease young people’s suicide and easting disorders, or stop older men from dating women their daughter’s age. But then, if that happens, what will the government do with the health system? There are already more people than the system can handle. Perhaps, the societal problems exist for population control!

Movie Reviews: These are some of my favorite movies

Stranger than Fiction: This movie is such a treat if you’re a visual person. It’s a combination of good cinematography and animation. I was really surprised by the honest and genuine performance from Will Farrell ( I labeled him a jackass actor), he is actually a really good actor. This movie teaches about the art of story telling, and how elegant simply things in life can be so poetic and beautiful. It’s a movie full of surprises and great funny moments. Emma Thompson is brilliant in this film as a nutty writer, and Dustin Hoffman is great as a literary professor.

Running Scared: If you’re a fan of shoot them up action flick, this is a great psychological thriller with an action twist. Similar to Quentin Teretino style of filming, except the script is a lot gritty, and lots of adult content and issues. It has one of the most scariest scene I’ve ever seen, chilled me the bones, and it wasn’t graphic, just suggestive. Paul walker stars in this as a bad undercover cop. Great cast of actors.

Sweet little thing: If you liked the girl who played Amelie, you’ll fall in love with this film. She plays a modern immigrant worker in the underbelly of Paris, in a hotel where people exchange kidneys for passports. It covers topics like rape, class, and immigration, and justice. It reminded me of a quote from the matrix “Choice is a luxury that belongs to those with power.” Shockingly realistic way of cinematography.

Tsotsi: A film from South Africa, about the slums, life in the gang with poverty, and the curiosity of human nature. Beautifully shot, and great acting. It has a kick ass sound track, buy it! It’s vibrating with the sound and smell of South Africa. A honest way to bring to the surface some of its issues.

Flushed Away: The same team that brought you SHREK, my favorite male star Hugh Jackson and Titianic star Kate Winslet did the voice for the lead roles. If you want a fun evening of laughter and no thinking, the crazy characters and funny singing snails will do just the trick.

Waitress: A very sweet story starring Keri Russell about bad marriage, hot affair with your gynecologist, and baking pies. It’s very down to earth. I liked the great friendships that supports the story and moves the story forward to exciting new beginnings. It actually made me cry! Very girly movie, with a sweet ending.

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